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posted October 20, 1999 02:28 AM

In response to the very nice compliments shown to the first part of my report, I'll set down the second part directly.

After Joel Tobeck departed to well-deserved and appreciative applause, Creation showed a "documentary" on the top ten scenes of X:WP as chosen by the online fans. Included were the Mehndi-application scene from BTL, The campfire scene from Callisto, and not less than two scenes from Ides of March (the first one being the berserker Gabrielle fight and the second the subsequent cell scene, both of which left this poster depressed at what this show and its characters have become). No. 5 was the hot tub scene from ADITL, no. 4 was the aforementioned IOM death-row scene. I was in full agreement with the top three choices: the Gab-on-the-sickbed scene from OAAA; "the kiss" from The Quest; and, as no. 1, the climactic death-and-resurrection of Gab in ITADITH; all three left a lump in my throat and a warm glow, and received much applause from the audience. Next came a "music video salute" to Joxer, to the tune of that Robin Hood song by Bryan Adams "I Do It All For You" or whatever; certainly the Joxer fans lapped it up! Moving along came the auction; I noticed that many people took the opportunity to have a break and leave the auditorium. A lot of the items seemed to be leather jackets imprinted with Xena-themed logos; I guess Creation knew what town they were playing! A replica Gabwhacker caused a bidding stir, so much that the MC had to state that people could order the same. With a few exceptions, such as the staff, most of the items seemed to have been sold at the highest bid which was either under or barely meeting the retail value, but I refuse to speculate on the meaning of this. Certainly, quite a few people got real bargains! The last item before intermission was the blooper reel, some of which was hard to see or understand back in the cheap seats, but I'll relate two scenes: one, when Julius Caesar in Ides of March bombastically states "I have an important announcement to make", Karl Urban waits a beat and continues, "I have invented a new salad!" Two, from A Tale of Two Muses, ROC was supposed to say to Isfahan "Looks like you've got a real insurrection on your hands", but the word "insurrection" came out very embarrassingly wrong, and which brought the house down in response.

I'll continue as soon as practicable; again, additions and corrections are welcomed.

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