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posted October 22, 1999 05:14 AM

Moving right along --

The music video tribute to Ephiny followed Kevin Smith's departure, set to "She's Got The Look" by Roxette; this was very pleasing, except, of course, the TBS "that's the breaks" scene, and the audience moaned when Ephiny's fatal encounter with Brutus was shown. (BTW, throughout the "official" parts of the Con, the big screen showed blurry pics from the show, and I can't for the life of me understand why they kept including the shot of battered Gab from TBS.) Danielle Cormack came onstage to the loudest cheers yet, confirming my hypothesis that the really hard-core KS fans came to the Saturday events, leaving Sunday to the DC-and-general-fans crowd. Danielle wore a golden dress of shiny silky-looking material, together with high black boots. Her hair was golden as well, curly as usual, and much longer than shown on X:WP or H:TLJ; DC was often brushing it out of her eyes. Danielle seemed so spirited and happy to be there that it looked like she might at some point sprout wings and fly around the stage--if she has this much energy in the afternoon, I wonder what she's like right after her morning coffee or tea! Her normal voice is nicely accented, and moves at a faster pace than that used by the serious Ephiny; I think now that her character's darting eyes and intense manner is in response to keeping a lot of energy bottled up. DC introduced her friend Edith, whom this poster immediately recognized as the mysterious Edith the "Runner" from ITADITH. Danielle said it was great being in SF; she mentioned doing some touristy things and visiting a local music store, and that she took a lot of pictures of what she thought was the Golden Gate Bridge, until she started wondering what was that red bridge over *there*! She mentioned that she would be appearing as a villianess in the upcoming Cleopatra 2525; she told the makeup people she wanted to look completely different from Ephiny, so as her "personal tribute to Lucy Lawless" she was made up with dark hair and blue eyes! (Personal opinion: I would rather see the real DC than a fake LL!) She said that in her early career she was a "whoooooore" (I think referring to her Shortland Street stint); and confirmed that she had tried out for roles on H:TLJ but was turned down because she wasn't "vulnerable" enough, and that there was no audition call for the role of Ephiny. DC paced and glided across the stage, answering audience questions with Kiwi politeness and good-humor, spiced with little dramatic gestures, such as seductively dropping her voice when referring to her "whore" role noted above. At one point, she asked if was warm or just her (well, correct on both counts), and when she looked up at the monitor with its fuzzy images of the show's scenes, she said that they looked like the X-rated version <G>. At first, DC couldn't decide on her favorite scene, but eventually decided it was the scene in Les Contemptibles where she pushes her bosom next to Robert Trebor's character's face; it evidently left him discombobulated for the rest of the day! This poster had the great pleasure of asking Danielle a question (after sadly lapsing into bush-leagueism with a preface saying that he had the honor of speaking to the *real* Amazon regent): "what avenues would you have liked your character take in the series?" Ms. Cormack replied that she wasn't sure what sort of avenues were left to someone who had married a centaur, had a centaur baby, and became an Amazon leader, but she would have like to have explored the "dark side" of Ephiny. "Like Velasca?" I ventured; but she demurred to the point that Ephiny wouldn't seek Velasca's power, just that part that she (DC and/or Ephiny) felt was necessary in a leader. DC also related how the crew would tease her about her character's relationship with a centaur, things like: "Come to the tea table, Danielle" (clicking tongue as in "giddyup"), or making whinneying noises. Yours truly made a last comment, that "you'd make a great leader", that was appreciatively seconded by the audience. This poster belatedly realized that he could not take accurate notes and watch the bewitching Ms. Cormack at the same time, and dearly wishes that he had had the foresight to unobtrusively bring an audio cassete recorder to try to preserve her responses. The audience noticed the by-now familiar sight of the MC furtively making his way to the foot of the stage for the wrap-up signal, eliciting some scattered moans; and Danielle withdrew to the loudest applause of the afternoon.

I'll conclude my impressions at the earliest opportunity; once again, I invite additions and corrections.

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