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posted October 29, 1999 07:22 PM

Hi guys!

Well here's the first part of my con report, finally. It'll probably be long and rambling, and I KNOW I'll miss a lot of stuff, but thankfully, Whisper, Ceal, 'shana et al have already covered so much in such wonderful detail! If you're bored by pre-con stuff, then this post will probably... well...bore you! LOL! Anyway, you have been warned.

Wednesday, October 13, 8am, my friend Jill arrived to take me to the airport. It was an overcast day, but thankfully the rain held off. We got to the airport in plenty of time for me to check in for my 11am United flight. Jill dropped me at the United departure area and went off to park the car, while I joined the line to check in my luggage. I had my carryon backpack, a suitcase and a big box full to the hilt with Tim Tams.

I was standing in line, at the head of the queue, when I noticed what the guy in front of me (who was now at the counter) was carrying...a plastic bag FULL of packs of Tim Tams. I laughed out loud, and the security guard right near me gave me a really strange look. Well, HE didn't know my box was full of the Food of the Gods - then, anyways.

So, my turn comes. And I put the box on the weight thingy with my suitcase. The lady behind the counter asks what's in the box. I tell her it's Tim Tams and she promptly nearly falls off her seat laughing. When she's recovered, she tells me to take it and put it on the trolly next to the security guard that was there for fragile items that had to be loaded on board. The guard looked at me. I looked at him - and grinned. "Tim Tams", I confided. He tried to hide his grin, but failed. LOL!

Jill and I had breakfast, with Jill trying her best to calm my pre-flight nerves. Yeah, I KNOW it's going to be a 747 jumbo this time, with no stops, but I can't help being a terrified flyer. Said bye to Jill and headed for the departure gate. There were lots of people there so I just stood doing my best to look nonchalent, as if I travel o/s every other week. So what if Sweetie, my travelling companion and all-round kewl teddy decided he wanted to stick his head out the top of my backpack? Did I care that people thought it looked funny? HA!

Ok, we board, and the plane takes off with me trying very hard not to tear the arm of my seat off. It was actually a wonderful, smooth flight, and I had the entire row of three seats to myself, so I did get to sleep a little on the way across the Pacific. The food was to die for (REALLY! The breakfast meal coming into SF was french toast stuffed with banana with Keebler ham and topped with maple syrup ~~~~~~~~~), and the movies were pretty good too. I particularly enjoyed The Love Letter, with Kate Capshaw. Can't remember what else was showing on the way over, though.

We landed in SF just about right on time, and as we walked from the plane to the customs, etc. area, there was a long section of floor to ceiling glass looking out onto a water and plant area that was just beautiful. There was also a taped greeting from the Mayor of SF, which I thought was particularly nice. You don't get that in Sydney! LOL. It took no time at all to get through customs and immigration and I was on my way. Walked through the exit doors and there was {{{{{Ceal!}}}}}

We hugged and bounced for a few minutes, before heading off to her van and driving onto this REALLY long bridge away from the airport. On the way, we stopped at a supermarket (YAY! I love visiting o/s supermarkets! LOL!). Picked up some sourdough rolls for lunch and some cold cuts, like balogna, ham, etc. Ceal was asking me what kind of soda I like, and I was just shrugging and saying "any kind, really," when my eyes settled on one of the loves of my life...CHERRY COKE!!!! AND it was a PACK of cherry coke! That pack, was in the trolly soooo fast, I tell ya! LOL! Ceal insisted I had to try Graham crackers, so she got a box of chocolate Teddy Grahams (and yep, they are DEElicious! ). And off we headed for her place. Just before we got there, Ceal VERY (snicker) kindly pointed out that we had just driven over the Hayward Fault. LOL - that REALLY made me feel secure! Once at her place, I got to meet her adorable kitties, Jester (what a character - he's a riot!) and Misha (very shy, really, LOL!) within a short time. I THINK we watched Chakram and either Bedevilled or Love Amazon Style over lunch (I was starting to wilt with jet lag by then just a little), and I have to tell you guys - seeing Ares looking ohhhhh so mighty fine in Chakram just had me almost catatonic with bliss, as Ceal will tell you!

Ceal had to go to work from 1-5, so I had a nap, and woke up feeling pretty good and not toooooo jetlagged.

When she got back, I showered and changed, and we got ready and headed off to meet her mum ({{{{{{Ceal's mum}}}}}}}) and then we went out for a beautiful Mexican dinner. Thank you Ceal, that was just soooo nice!

I THINK when we got back we actually went to bed around 11, seeing Ceal had to be up at 6 and at work from 7-11 the next morning.

Anyways, here endeth my first day in the States! (Hope it wasn't too boring for people waiting for Con stuff! LOL!)


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