Kendaa part 2

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posted October 30, 1999 09:14 PM

I woke up around 6.15ish to the sound of Ceal's computer booting up. In my sleep hazed state, this really impressed me! Who knew! A computer that could be set to turn itself on! Wow! The light in the computer room (where I slept on a VERY comfortable bed), was off, so I drifted off again for several minutes. When I opened my eyes again, Ceal was at her computer. I asked her about the computer turning itself on. She gave me a funny look. No, it HADN'T turned itself on - SHE had turned it on. Brainless here just hadn't seen her do it! LOLOL! Ceal said turn around. I did so, and there was Misha's curious head, peering out from behind the window blinds just a foot away from me! LOL!

Ceal got ready for work and left, leaving the computer on for me to play. It was lovely to keep up with everyone even while I was away. Jester came and sat right in front of me and decided to try and get my hands off the keyboard. Hey, instead of stroking the keyboard, he figured they should be stroking him! LOL! After a while at that game, he apparently noticed the characters moving across the computer monitor screen. He was like a spectator at a tennis match! LOLOL! Left-right-left-right-left-right.

Ceal came back around 11, and we headed off out of town in the direction of a town called Hercules! LOL! (And we have the pics to prove it!). We went through some lovely rolling hillside country that reminded me very much of the area around Kiama, two hours south of Sydney, where Jason's Lady and Baeori live. Ceal explained that this was part of a designated Green Belt area where not a lot of building was permitted.

We got to Hercules - it's a smallish town, with a relatively new housing estate in one area, and we drove around for a while before noticing that one set of streets was Athena and...Titan, I think. WOW! We were off! Happily played HerK-related street spotting for a while. Found Hercules, Athena, Zeus, Hera, Bacchus, Titan, Olympus, name it. But NO Ares - a serious omission if you ask me! LOL!

Time was getting on and we decided to have lunch (now I could have this mixed up - we might have done lunch first and THEN did the street cruising!). We found this really great pizza place and had lunch (and yep, you guessed it, they had cherry coke! )

After we finished up with lunch, we needed to get moving towards the airport again. Cass was coming in after 4pm. I was getting nervous! I'd been so looking forward to meeting Cass and now the moment was at hand and I was a mass of nerves, LOL. We got to the airport in plenty of time, and headed for the gate that she would coming out of. After a small wait, the plane landed and people started coming off. Then, Cass came through! Knew her right off! We hugged and grinned, and Cass said she was desperate for a smoke. So we headed for the airport smoking room, where I sat outside waving at Cass and Ceal while they were inside, LOL! I'm allergic to cig smoke, so there was no way I could have gone into a room filled with that stuff.

Well, we headed back to Ceal's van (had finally found some good parking in the shade up on the roof of the carpark), and then we headed for Ceal's place, talking up a storm the whole way

We stopped off at a supermarket and picked up some no-fuss stuff for dinner, because we all decided we didn't want anything big for dinner.

Once Cass had got settled, we headed for the kitchen, made up some rolls and stuff ( I LOVE sourdough bread - AND it's finally becoming available here, Ceal! Would you believe it? ) and adjourned for the living room to watch Chakram again (tough job, I know...), Fallen Angel, and Bedevilled (right guys?) I have to say, with complete surprise, that I was WOWED by FA, and cried a good lot of the way through (thanks for those tissues, Ceal! LOL!) I really wasn't all that impressed by Bedevilled at all, except for Sam's impressive performance as the baddie - she was very good. We talked and talked afterwards for ages, and ended up going to bed around 90 minutes later than when we'd all said we would, LOL!

And thus ended day 2!


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