Kendaa part 3b

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posted November 01, 1999 03:42 AM

Right, where were we? Oh yes! Ceal dropped us off at the GGHI and once we collected our luggage we all trooped up to room no. 2012 - yep, on the 20th floor (that's right, isn't it guys?). Once the bags were settled (no, the LUGGAGE! Sheesh! LOL!), we all took turns in peeking out the window at the spectacular city view, not to mention the spectacular downward (gulp) view. That was SOME drop. Thankfully the window only opened a little way.

We were getting ourselves ready to go downstairs and meet up with AW and the rest of the gang to go to Plouf when the phone rang and - it was Whisper! YAY!!!! We told her to come on down (she was 6 floors above us! ARRRGGHHHH!!!). There was a knock on the door and we opened it - and there was Whisper Joyous hugs and greetings were shared all round and we were all talking at the speed of light. Whisper hadn't seen THAT pic of Kev - you know, the (cough, cough) FROND pic? <WEG> I'd just happened to bring it along, and after making sure everyone was duly prepared by looking at the fountain pics first, the frond pic was revealed in all its glory. A collective sigh rose around the room. LOL!

Once your intrepid Amazons had recovered, we set off for the lobby where we were going to meet AW, Amoreena and....and...??? Was that it? Yeah, I think that was it! LOL! Joyous hugs were once again the order of the day as we finally met Aw and Amoreena That was such a joy! The bursts of joy were coming so fast about then, I tell ya! LOLOL!

Ok, then we headed for a cable car (my first cable car ride ever! ), and all surged on board a cable car with a VERY friendly ticket collector (wasn't he, Bastet? LOLOL!) We piled off at our stop and walked (that's right too, wasn't it?) to the laneway where Plouf was situated. Boy, was that a busy laneway! It was a lovely, Mediterranean-style narrow lane with restaurants all along it that were just FILLED with loud, happy people. When we got there we milled about a little wondering just who exactly in that crowd was Lil! LOL!

Being the impatient type, I headed for the door to Plouf, intent on asking any of zose cute French boys if they could point Lil out. That, however, wasn't necessary. I got to the doorway, and there was this anxious-looking lady with short dark hair and a very smart business suit standing looking around. She looked at me; I looked at her. It had to be - "Lil?"

She screamed. Yep, she screamed - loudly! LOL! And then she cried! And I cried! (Well, SHE started it! LOL!) Everyone else came over then and we all hugged again (boy can our mob HUG! ), and then we went inside. Plouf was a loud, dark, happy, busy place filled to the rafters with very amiable people We all sat or stood around for a while, having a drink or two. Unfortunately, Bastet couldn't stay, and had to leave, but the remainder of us were eventually shown to a nice outside table under a beautiful San Franciscan night sky. We then proceeded to sample a diversity of lovely French food - there were several different kinds, and I can't remember their names, but I LOVED the croquettes (??) and the steak, and the things that looked like mussels but weren't - they were yumola! The talk and the laughter flowed like a sparkling, merry brook for quite a while, until several of us began to wilt, and decided to head back to the hotel.

We said goodnight to Lil, and to Whisper, who had decided to stay with Lil and have dessert and talk for a while. Then even more fun started. There was me, Cass, Amoreena, AW and 'shana, all in need of one cab. The cab, however, only had seats for four. Ok...we could do this. Cass sat in the front seat while AW, Amoreena (I do have this right, don't I? It's too priceless to get wrong!) and I piled in the back. This left 'shana trying to get a half a leg, let alone the rest of her, onto the seat with the three of us. So, after some urging, she climbed on and squashed horizontally across the three of us who were sitting. Her legs were stuck...somewhere...I really don't know where, but there we were, looking like candidates for the Guinness Book of Records attempt at cab-cramming! LMAO! The driver didn't mind, although the irate pedestrian he nearly ran over did. By this time we were all in hysterics laughing. I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time and ended up with tears pouring down my face, and REALLY sore sides! I wasn't alone. 'shana took this with very good grace! {{{{{{'shana}}}}}}

We got back to the hotel finally, and piled out (and I DO mean piled out! LOL!), still laughing our heads off - I don't think the doorman even blinked. LOL!

It was getting pretty late by now, so we all said a fond goodnight and went our different ways. Bastet was still awake when we got to the room, so we all ended up talking until I have no idea when, but I DO remember that somewhere in amongst all the giggling, we all decided we could be reusable extras on the show (at no extra cost, too!). Villager no. 1, villager no. 2, villager no. 3, villager no. 4 (and corpse when necessary). LOL! And on that laughing note, we all went to sleep

Here endith Friday - and Saturday was yet to come! (I'll bet you thought I'd never get to the Con! LOL!)


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