Kendaa part 3a

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posted October 31, 1999 04:00 AM

Ah yes, there I was sleeping in Ares' strong, long arms, snuggled up as warm and happy as can be... "Miaow." "Miaow"... "MIAOW!!!!!"

Ok, that definitely didn't sound like Ares... I shot up off the sofa (Cass and I swapped beds that night because she has a bad back and needed the bed ) and peered around. First thing in sight - the tv/video clock timer thingy... 4.something am in the morning. Miaow. Okaaaaay.... A further investigation revealed Jester, sitting neatly and serenely in the dim illumination from the night light in the bathroom, apparently serenading either himself or Cass and/or me. Riiiiight...knock yourself out, I thought. LOL! (Honestly, Jester is the most adorable kitty, you guys have noooo idea! ) And turned over and went back to sleep.
Next time I woke up it was around 6.30 and Ceal and Cass were sitting in the kitchen talking quietly. I staggered out (NOT a morning person, you know! LOL), and I think we all chatted a bit, and then Ceal went to work until 11. Now today was another very important day. We would be going to the airport when Ceal got back to pick up 'shana, and then heading for the Golden Gate Holiday Inn where we'd be meeting up with Bastet! Bouncebouncebouncebouncebounce!!!!!!

Cass and I did the morning, dressing and packing thing and were ready when Ceal came back. Off we went! But we made two stops on the way. First to pick up some bottles of cherries and cream (YUM!!!! {{{{{Ceal}}}}}), and then to the Post Office to pick up a package that {{{{{{Calee}}}}} had sent. And then we were off to the airport! Yes, the excitement level was really getting high now 'shana had sent a pic of herself to me the day before so I knew what she looked like, and she'd seen pics of me online, so we both knew who to look for. Ceal's van drove up along the arrivals area to the...United?? arrivals area, and there was 'shana waiting for us (we'd been a little late getting there, but we'd already told her that, so that was ok ) Well I stated waving madly out the window and she saw us (we'd also told her what van to be looking for ). She was travelling light - just a backpack! Amazing woman! Anyways, she piled in, happy greetings were exchanged all round and off we went, heading for the GGHI now and Bastet! We talked all the way there at around 100 miles an hour. We were all so excited

We reached the hotel! We had a plan to leave our luggage there, collect Bastet and head off to do the tourist thingy. So in we all trooped, and within seconds were greeted by our wonderful Master Scribe, who had been waiting and keeping an eye out for us {{{{{Bastet}}}}}}}. Extremely excited greetings were again exchanged. Boy, this day was just getting better and better! Then a voice called "Kendaa?" And there was {{{{Illusia}}}}} (It was the accent that gave me away, wasn't it? LOLOL!) Was it then we meet you too, Amoreena, and AresAngel, and Stacey???? (Blurry memory here!) That was really kewl - and we could see several other people around us checking in who had obviously come for the Con too.

The Bell Captain was happy to store our luggage for us, so after we got organised off we all trooped back to Ceal's van to head off and do the tourist thing much happened, and this will be out of order and I KNOW 'shana has covered it really well, so forgive me if it's outta order! LOL. We went to that street that's the most crooked street in the world and drove down that VERY slowly (now I know WHY people don't just barrel down it!) What's it called? I'm so a dreadful memory (yeah, like you all didn't know that already! LOL). We stopped at the bottom so that Cass and I could take pics looking backwards up the street we'd just come down (the flowers along its sides were just lovely), and looking down the way we (I think) were about to go...think all those SF car chases you see on tv going down those incredibly steep streets!. I couldn't believe that we could park at an angle and not just go rolling down the street. It was fun! LOL!

Then we went down to near the Presidio to a really spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I finally got to see it! WAHOOOO!!! Last time I was in SF we drove over it (in 1980) and the fog was so thick I had no idea we were even ON the thing! LOL! We all got some lovely pics, and then headed off down through the Presidio to a fort from the Civil War that was right on the water, and directly under the GG bridge. Fantastic pic opportunity! Thanks so much Ceal! We saw a limo there and speculated on who might have been visiting the fort - hoping it might have been certain Kiwis we all know and love, but we never did find out, LOL. And of course, there was Poseidon's attack on Cass... After we recovered from that (LOL) we decided we were all hungry (right guys?)

We headed for Fisherman's Wharf and lunch! Found a wonderful restaurant called Franciscan or Francisco's (????) Anyway, it was right on the water with great views (and the day was beautifully sunny, too ). We had a wonderful lunch, still talking ourselves almost voiceless and loving it!

Afterwards we headed for the Sea Lions and admired them for quite a while. That was lovely. I adore any animals, and they were just sooo kewl. Now I really like their relaxed approach to life! LOLOL! Got some nice pics there too, and then Ceal told us she would have to head off soon to meet up with Ap, RN and Marit who would be arriving that evening. But on the way, we went through this mall like area that had, quote, "The World's Best Chocolate Shop". The other touring Amazons could only hear one sound from me...

ZZZZZOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! I was in that shop so fast they didn't see my dust! Got some absolutely YUMMY chocolate in there, especially Ghirardelli's chokkie They had some wonderful stuff in there, they really did!

We all finally dragged ourselves out of there and headed back to Ceal's van and settled in for the drive to the GGHI.

Ok...end of part 3a. Friday evening and night yet to come! (Told ya this would be long and rambling! LOLOL!)

aka A.R.E.S

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