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posted October 17, 1999 03:55 AM

I couldn't decide to wait until I could do a whole report or not, but I decided to go ahead with a small one:

If I had ordered Saturday myself it couldn't have gone better!! <Extremely large big grin>

I've been up since 4:00 am.m my time yesterday and I should be tired and hungry but I had such a fun time that I'll probably not come down for another hour or so. Then i will be totally dead for at least 12 hours or so, I imagine!!!

I had a wonderful, fun time in in San Francisco, now yesterday in San Francisco.

Kevin Smith in person has a smile to rival any adorable, impish grin of Iolaus!!!!!!!!!! (Do you have any idea what it takes for me to say that??LMAO)

I thought I would run out of time at the end of the day so I'd have to leave before I could get autographs but I didn't!

The organizers and presenters of the breakfast, did a fabulous job that took time and care to do. Whisper and Areswriter did a wonderful job. If I missed the coontributions to the breakfast of any other Amazons, I apologize for not naming them and thank them for their contributions. Cass' nametags were really lovely and make nice souvenirs. She also gave each of us a magnetized pics of whoever Our Hero is. She put some time and effort into all that. Kendaa brought some cute souvenirs of Australia and Tim Tams. I was impressed with all the time and energy and effort that went into all of this and I want to thank them for it all.

Ilusia's picture was taken--more than once. No camera was harmed in the taking of her picture, I'm quite sure.

The were group photos, and many other photos.

Tim tams are quite good with eggs, buttermilk biscuits and coffee for breakfast.

An interesting box with mysterious implements from Australia was presented to Killer Lil, the Sov's Love Toy Keeper. The secrets of this box will have to be revealed by the Keeper herself at the appropriate time because I'm not sure what all was in the box.

that's all for now, more details later ...

Who can't decide if she should put her new pictures under her pillow or not ...

P.S. I got hugs and I gave hugs. Too bad I couldn't add hugs from Kevin Smith and Timothy Ormondson ...LOL BTW, Timothy Ormondson aka Eli, is sexier and more outgoing in person with shorter hair than he was as Eli.

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