Shambalayogi part 1

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posted October 18, 1999 09:11 PM

I got up very early to catch a 6:00 a. m. flight to San Francisco International Airpot. We landed at 8:10 a.m. or so and I went to catch a super shuttle to the Holiday Inn on VanNess Avenue. It was going to be a gorgeous day in San Francisco. Clear, sunny skies and the temperature was just right. The kind of weather to wear either jeans d boots or shorts and sneakers. I was a properly prepared Amazon thanks to advice from con veterans. I had a backpack, page protectors, a folder, camera, film, and a few dinars in cash and plastic.

I found the Cafe Marlett inside the hotel and there was a group of who had to be
Amazons with name tags and various boxes and packages in their hands. I don’t remember who hugged who first and introduced who first except I have the feeling I hugged people before they had a clue who I was. Cass had a classy name tag waiting for me. Sha’oori had made a nice welcome banner for us.

The breakfast buffet had the usual breakfast food; eggs, biscuits, potatoes, French toast, juices, fruit, coffee, etc. But more was to come. Kendaa provided us with boxes of Tim Tams. I promptly decided, since life is short, I should have one with breakfast. Lucious bites of chocolate and stuff that melt in your mouth! She also had little koala bears with Aussie hats for each of us. We could clip these onto shirts or sweaters and wear them. I could sit and listen to Kendaa talk and talk. I love her accent.

Cass had not only made nametags but also gave us each a folder we could use for pictures or other things. Inside each folder was a second name tag with GABS on it and “I survived the Great Amazon Breakfast Social”. A magnet with a picture of our individual heroes was also in the folder.

We were all busy introducing ourselves, reintroducing ourselves, eating, drinking
coffee, taking pictures, smiling for others taking picture of us. Ceallach had a map that we each signed with our name in the part of the country we’re from. I think this was a map of North America. I just signed in Arizona and passed it on. This was for Kendaa.

Several people had Con Memory notebooks that were passed around for everyone to sign. Shana handed me her book and then sadi “Pick which color you want to sign with.” She had a handful of colored pens to choose from to sign her book. Talk about being prepared!

Cass had a certificate for each of us to sign as thanks for Areswriter organizational
skills. She gave this to AW after breakfast. During breakfast, AW kept telling me that she really didn’t do anything, just delegate. Sure, sure ...

Whisper had prepared “activities’ after we were done eating. She had small bags for each of us that had items significant to storylines from the Hercules series. Little golden apples, little plastic bunches of grapes, package of lemonade mix, a candle ... We divided into groups and had to figure out the significance of each item to the series. The group that got them all correct won prizes.

Then she handed out plastic easter eggs with things inside. She said the “bad eggs” were the winners. These were people who got trolls inside their eggs. The “ good eggs” were full of beans. The prizes were photos of the cast, sticker books and I’m not sure what all else. Oh, yes, then she had nuts, Filberts I think they are called, with a letter written on them and we had to find others with the letters to form a character name ...

When we were all done with eating and games and picture, we gathered in a group for photos. Two waiters took cameras that were standing in a row on a table and took pictures with each one.

It was a wonderful event and my admiration and thanks to those who made it happen.

I went upstairs with AW, Cass and Lil to AW’s room while she got stuff she needed for the rest of the day. I thought she had a cool view of the city from her windows. She had a corner room.

We all went downstairs picked up some other Amazons on our way to the cable car
stop to go to the con site. Yeah, I got to ride in a cable car!

P.S. I forgot to mention that batrochides came to the breakfast to greet us all and kindly give us some "dinars". My thanks to him and it was nice to meet him.

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