Shoshana part 2

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posted October 24, 1999 09:31 PM

Okey dokey ... where *did* I leave off ... hmmm ... oh, ok ...

Tim leaves the stage and we see a great Ares Vid. (Yippee) I start warming up the vocal cords ....

Kev comes out to vast quantities of noise. I don't really remember a word he said - my brain was otherwise occupied. *g* Seriously. As I'm busy drooling and taking pics I did hear someone request a reading from Othello, which someone convieniently happened to have with them ... (another one of those things that make you go hmmmm ) After flipping thru the book he couldn't find the scene he wanted but - I think read something else. I snapped pics of him reading and giving the book back to the happy Amazon. (I don't know her name tho)

I noticed two things as I wore out the camera ... Kev was keeping to the center and stage left, and we were on stage right and there was a lady to our left (even farther from Kev's line of sight) that had had her hand up to ask a question for a long time.

So I had another idea. (Obviously Cass and Kendaa hadn't learned yet about me and my bright ideas!) I got them to wave their hands in the air along with me so'd he'd notice us faster. When Kevin called on me I said (I swear, word for word)

"I need for you to stand right there (and pointed to a spot from which I could get a decent picture) and answer that lady's question." (While pointing to the lady in the black sweater that had her hand up before) Kevin questioned me ... "You don't have a question?" I said "No, but I need you to answer the lady in the black sweater's question".

So, he came over, I took a billion shots and I have no idea what the lady's question was or what the answer was. After that, a little girl (who had questions for every star - I think she was being 'fed' questions) asked about Kevin's sons. Sounded like he was ready to fix her up with any of his three sons ... Then I turned to Kendaa and Cass ... and asked .. did I sound bossy? And after they stopped laughing ... I realized I never even said please or thank you. I was pretty embarrassed.

So Kevin finished up and they set up the autograph table. It took a long time to go thru, even tho we had Gold seats because a group at the beginning of the line seemed to park themselves for a while. I handed my camera to Cass so she could take pics of the autograph line for me. By the time we went thru, they said "No personalizing" but Tim was sweet and did anyway. I'm sure Kev would have too, but I was too busy apologizing about being bossy to even ask. He said "That's ok - I'm an actor - we need direction!!!!"

If I hadn't thudded before *g*

By the time the three of us got thru the line, it was too late to chance going back to the hotel to change. We wandered outside the Masonic center, looking for a restaurant that wasn't down hill. No go, but we saw preparations for a fancy wedding across the street - Rolls Royce cars and lovely, litup stained glass windows.

I gave Cass a coupla rolls of film - she had center seats and a better camera ...

We wandered back in to the center and split up cause my seats were way over in stage left - away from everyone, literally. There was only one othe person assigned to that entire section, and she was next to me, in the fifth row.

Using my Amazon initiative ... I snagged a front row seat in the next section closer to the center.

I've added more pics and the requested labels ... go to Ask 'shana go to "The Shows" scroll down a bit till you see San Francisco 1999 pictures ... [Pictures are now located here ...]


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