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posted October 29, 1999 01:28 AM

OK .. so I've snagged this front row seat. Joel comes out first, at the opposite side of the stage ... I have *no* idea of the song order Whisper has that under control in her "Memory" list - Joel is wearing black pants with reflective stripes up the sides- which I figured would mess up the photos. As it turned out - it wasn't too bad.

I was hootin and hollerin and takin pictures. Some with flash, some without.

Next Kev came out to a giant roar of approval ... wearing a loose vest and black jeans (they looked black, anyway) and that' seemed to be all - oh - and shoes *g*. I was takin pics faster now. At some point I learned to change the film really really fast, so I was burning up the rolls...

Next Danielle came out wearing a black velvet crop top, black strech pants, black boots and a pair of black armbands.

She was acting like she would have fit in great at Woodstock ... *very* relaxed ..

Tim was next, and was on my side of the stage. He was wearing the same dark suit he'd worn for the Q&A and seemed very nervous. He came out with a six pack of beer, and handed them out to the band. He later went back for a second round for them all, including the backup band.

At one point, (during a solo by Joel, I think) Tim had sorta backed up and was hovering in the background - Kev came and got him back with the others.

Finally the heat got too much for Tim and he took his jacket off and rolled up his sleeves. I whooped at him - he (and everyone else!) must have heard me 'case he turned and grinned at me. Later, Tim looked right at me screaming and posed for me with his arms wide - he seemed much more relaxed then.

At some point I looked around and noticed a number of people dancing in the isles. They seemed to be having a blast.

Finally, the band played their last song and left. Of course we wanted an encore. I wished I had my bic, but figured it was just as well I didn't cause there was pro'bly a law against open flame in auditoriums in California.

The band came back to overwhelming approval. Kev did his version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show classic and while everyone was catching those glorious moves from the front ... I was sorta behind where he was singing at the front of the stage. So - <WEG> I kept takin pictures .....

Finally the show was over. It was fabulous! It was woth going just to meet forum friends and see the cabaret.

I met up with Cass and Kendaa and others after the show.

We were all pretty excited. Cass had used one roll of my film, and the other jammed in her camera. I felt really bad about that ... she wanted to wait till she could take it to a camera shop to get the film out just in case there was something good on the roll.

I convinced them to walk back to the hotel. On the way, we stopped at the drugstore for odds and ends .. Cass got a one time use camera for Sunday and I picked up another 4 rolls of film. Good thing too. Shoulda picked up another camera battery too, but ..

By this time I was pretty hungry - I hadn't eaten since GABS hours before. (Except for the ibuprofen I was poppin all thru the concert for a sinus headache) We went back to the hotel bar and parked ourselves to giggle and reminisce. Turns out the kitchen was closed, but we had fun anyway ... chattering away.

We eventually all stumbled off to bed. We giggled as we fell asleep.

The next morning, me, Kendaa and Cass were moving slow, so we ordered room service. That was fun. We eventually took the cable car to the Center. I decided to ride on the outside and convinced Cass to, also. I had another passenger take our pictures to for 'posterity'. *g*

We got back to the center and ran into a few people we knew outside. I realized that I needed to get a picture of Joel and one of Danelle for them to sign. (Haven't we been here before?) So, back to the picture line. I get those two pics, another Ares pic and a Herc pic. The cashier lady now recognizes me by sight. How embarrassing.

We got into the auditorium - I'm off by myself in the 10th row. I missed the trivia competition, but I wasn't really into that anyway.

Joel comes out for his Q&A and seemes pretty subdued, for him. Looks like he's pretty worn out. I don't realize it at the time, but my camera battery is goin out and the telephoto lense is flakin out - so my Joel pics are kinda ... distant .... he did his "Strife" laugh and tongue thing. He seemed really nice. I was kinda distracted by a person on my row that was wearing a very impressive Viking outfit. She seemed really tall, and with all that Viking regalia, *very* imposing. I didn't want to disturb her, so I just stayed in my seat instead of sneaking up the isle for a closer picture.

After Joel left, they showed top 10 X:WP scenes. Not Lucy scenes this time, but show scenes. Nice - but I wanted 10 Herc scenes ...

Joxer Tribute video was really cute - shoulda been named the Joxer mooning over Gabby video tho ...

Auction next ... pretty much the same as Saturday, 'cept the prices were higher, sometimes even over retail. The excess, according to Creation, would be donated to charity.

After that - Xena bloopers. Already saw them so decided to hit the bathroom before the crowd rushed the place at intermission. Got down to the basement ... when I heard familiar voices. Went back around the corner, and there was the group about to call Zoni! I pretty much said "Hi! How're ya feelin, we're havin fun wish you were here" kinda thing ... I felt a bit awkward - just cause I really hadn't thought of anything clever to say. (and phones are NOT my friend)

After the intermission, went back to the auditorium. During the Salute to Ares vid, I decided to climb out of my 10th row seat and get at least a few pics of Kev from closer up ... Kev came out, I took a handful of pics when I realized no one was sitting in a second row isle seat. Soon I was, and stayed there the rest of the convention.

I've added more pics thru the cable car ride to the Center on Sunday am ... go to Ask 'shana go to "The Shows" scroll down a bit till you see San Francisco 1999 pictures ... [pictures are now located here ...]



ps. Just saw "Sweet Transvestite" (on VH1 - from Rocky Horror) and I must say, our Kev does it muuuuuch mu (say it!)ch better!

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