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posted October 23, 1999 01:03 AM  

If you don't feel like wading through loads of detail, feel free to hit the back button now! Now even though I wrote down all I could, I'm positive that I missed stuff, so please don't be offended, and feel free to make additions or changes!

The first guest star was Timothy Omundson (Eli). First we saw his Salute to Eli video which was done to Missionary Man. I thoroughly enjoyed this, but then again, I thoroughly enjoyed Tim's entire performance!

He came on stage and first thing started sing Copacabana. He then proceeded to admit to being a Con virgin (well, something in common here!). He talked about how he had gotten his job, about reading for different roles (because of Ted), and finally landing 'Eli'. He did mention that the scene in "Chakram" where Eli beats the crap out of Ares (ha ha) was cut. He said, "I don't know if you can tell, but I'm pretty cut up!" In truth he's a very lean (and very nice looking) man. He goes on to say, "Kevin's jealous." "I could kick his butt any day." "He's here?" "Oh man, he's gonna kick my butt!", and he then proceeded to compliment Kevin on his physique and acting ability. LOL. He said that the costume people took one look at his physique and opted for long sleeve shirts.


What are his own personal spiritual beliefs? -- He is an x-alter boy who is now not terribly religious. He called himself a bad Catholic. He has his own personal ideas about Christianity. He really likes the school of thought studied by the Eastern Philosophies and religions. He drew on that for the character of Eli.

Why did Eli never look cold in Fallen Angel while the snow was falling and he was in sandals? -- He thought he was doing cold. His higher power much have warmed him from the inside.

How did the Devi float? -- He's Eli!

How did the wacky girl cut the fruit so fast? -- She was possessed.

What was it like to hug Lucy -- Lovely.

Does he like South Park? -- He has watched it and likes Mr. Garrison.

Where is he from? -- Seattle, Washington. He sang a theme song and asked the audience if they could name that tune. It was the theme song from "Here comes the bride."

What is a day on the set like? -- First they wake up at night, then go to the set in the bitter cold, go to make-up, have extensions added (the beard was his), eat some fruit and coffee, sit and wait, and work, sit and wait, and work. He feels like he met some great people and made a lot of friends. He told a story about one day during the filming of Ides of March. It was about 5 a.m. in the bitter cold, and he was drinking some coffee (with no half-n-half, 'cause all they had was skim milk). He got into the van to be carted of to the shooting location, and when he looked up, the sun was coming up over the horizon. The sheep were grazing, the crew was setting up, the rest of the cast was drinking coffee, and he thought "this is fantastic". That was what it was all about.

Will Eli father Xena's baby? -- Can't tell *wink, wink*. Maybe, maybe not.

How many days did he work on Starship Troopers -- 3 hours.

What was the funniest thing that every happened on the set? -- He tells about his first day on the set. He flew down (12 hour flight). He was cranky and tired and had had one hour of sleep. He went on to the big read through, really excited to meet Lucy and Renee. He walked in, Lucy was sitting there reading her script. He says "Hi, I'm playing Eli." She says "hi" and continues reading her script. In walks Renee. He says "Hi, I'm playing Eli." She say "hi" and starts reading her script. He gets worried that they don't like him, and he feels like he wants to die after the read through. They leave and 2 minutes later come back laughing. Evidently Ted Raimi had set them up to be mean to him. Poor guy. LOL!

What other actor on X:WP would he like to have had the chance to play? -- Joxer, because he likes what Ted gets to do. Actually, he likes Ted and Bruce's roles.

Do Lucy and Renee still play jokes on him? -- No.

Does he play jokes on them? -- No. Lucy could kick his butt, and Renee gives a look that can kill.

Did he get back at Ted? -- He never really answered this question very well.

Why didn't Eli tell Xena that Callisto had helped bring them back to life? -- He was still trying to figure it out himself.

What was doing Seaquest like? -- It was his second job and he didn't feel like he knew what he was doing. He met Ted through this role.

He started his career on a Seinfeld ep. He was in the burning down cabin ep.

The next thing we'll be able to see him on will be four or five Jack & Jill eps (WB TV). He'll be playing a morally bankrupt jerk brother of an off-Broadway theater actress (his words).

What was his favorite scene in Kiss Tomorrow Good-bye? -- The opening scene where he's sitting in the back of a limo with a girl doing a lap dance on him. He did actually get paid to do that scene!

What is under the green muumuu? -- A lacy silky thing.

He jokes with the audience, then proceeds to tell them that in real life he's not like Eli. In fact while playing Eli, he's thinking "How did Ghandi do this?" He did say that in stressful situations when he can think of nothing else to say, he shouts, "Hey, I'm Eli! Blow me!"

So that was the end of that! Thank you very much Tim Omundson!

Next came the Salute to Ares video which was of course put to "Bad to the Bone". Thumbs up, FANTASTIC!

Time for Kevin Smith!

It was kinda hard for me to take the kind of notes that I took for Tim, 'cause, well, you know....

Anyway, Kev comes out dressed to the yums in black jeans and a shirt (dang), and he starts out by welcoming everyone and remarking about a time seven years ago when he was in San Francisco doing improve. He also mentioned that he was recovering from the flu, so of course we all felt a little sorry for him. He started right off answering questions, so I'll give what I've got down on that (please remember that I was writing like mad, and most of the questions were asked and answered with different wording).


What was doing Lawless like? -- Well, he acquired kind of a "yawny" look for the show, but it was "cool" (he says "cool" ALL THE TIME). He couldn't believe anyone here saw it.

Was Joel a good kisser? -- The funny thing is, when doing a kissing scene with a woman, it takes one or maybe two takes, but with Joel it was like 27 takes.

If the character Ares could crossover to another show, what would it be? -- A western. He likes westerns. (My own note here: Weird question -- it would've been funny if he'd said "Friends". Can't you just see Chandler and Joey trying to do Ares (like they did with Richard)? Chandler, "I'm the god OF war!" And Phoebe trying to toss off all of his old vibes!)

What is it like working with Michael Hurst, and can you read some from the war room scene in Othello? -- Michael Hurst can remember every line he's ever done. Kevin forgets the minute it's over. At this point is when he was handed a copy of Othello. He thumbs through the book, asks the girl to find the scene for him, looks it over while we are told to "talk amongst yourselves", and then does a lovely job of replaying a short scene. His Shakespearean accent is lovely, and as he says himself, he takes his normal speaking voice down a few notches to achieve just the right tone for the part. He teased the gal a bit about carrying Othello around in her bag in the hopes that someone might happen along that had done a bit.

Here he mentions that he has the flu, and his speaking voice is suffering, but he still hopes that people will come to see them play tonight. To which a loud roar is all it takes to assure him that the house will be filled.

Is Ares in the last episode of H:TLJ? -- Yes. He also mentions that the 100th episode of X:WP is going to be very good, so be sure to stay tuned.

Is it hard to do an American accent? -- No. He said that he got used to it working in the theater.

I think this is about when I asked him (with help from Illusia's waving arms {{{Illusia}}}) if Channeling Baby would be released in the US. -- He couldn't believe anyone here even knew about it. I said "Well yeah, we've heard all about it!" Then he said if it did make it here, it would probably be released in the artsy fartsy theaters (which is fine with me as long as I get a chance to see it). I then proceeded to stick my foot in my mouth by asking whose idea of the mustache that was in Lawless. He said "You didn't like it?" I said "No. It was too much." He said it was his mustache, but he didn't like it much either. "I couldn't even eat with that thing." When will I learn to shut up!?

What did he think of the bird dropping on his head? -- Well, they had to do it 27 times, but no animals were harmed during the making of that ep. LOL!

What does he like about playing the GOW vs. GOL? -- The GOW is cool because he gets to do all this war stuff. "The god of love never gets to do the love stuff." LOL! (We could accommodate him, couldn't we girls!?)

Will Ares be in any more X eps? -- Yes, a couple more, but then he's done. He loves the show, but it's time to move on.

Were we supposed to notice that the chew in his mouth while he was playing Jerry Patrick Brown was gum? -- It was a certain kind of gum that kind of tastes like licorice, and the spit from it is brown. He said there were brown spit stains all over the set (gross).

Do they play lots of practical jokes on each other? -- Yes, there is a lot of goofin' around among the cast members.

Is he glad he got his hair cut? -- Yes. The length was kind of holding him back on certain roles. He felt like he had to have a reason to have his character have this long hair. Now that he cut it, though, he keeps doing the hair flip 'cause he's still not used to it. He said sometimes he looks like he's got Tourette's.

What is your favorite H:TLJ ep (Lill )? -- The Hind Trilogy. He liked the way his character was written in that ep. In his words, "Bad is good!"

Do you like Harleys? -- Yes.

Did you enjoy doing Stranger and Stranger? -- Yes.

What was the funniest X:WP ep you ever did? -- 10 Little Warlords. He said hanging upside down, and the whole process of getting the angle views (him having to hold the camera between his knees) was hilarious.

What was your favorite X ep? 10 Little Warlords.

What was the funniest thing he ever did in theater sports? -- One time when he was doing theater sports a stunt double was on stage for him. He was supposed to exchange places with him, but he got locked out. He kept knocking and banging and yelling on the door, but nobody opened it for him, so he kicked the door in. Total silence. When the emcee (or whatever they call those people) asked him why he did that, he said, "I thought it would be funny!" The emcee said, "Well, it wasn't." (We all thought it was!)

What is the most unusual gift you have ever received? -- He really didn't feel as if he'd received anything all that unusual. One time, however, a girl came to a convention with Othello.... LOL! He did get a can of beer from Germany once that was called Biker Beer. He thought that was cool.

Someone gave him a pic of Ares and Batman duking it out. He was very gracious about it.

Is he going to start a music career? No. Music is just for fun. He really likes made for TV movies.

Someone asked him to explain the plot to Desperate Remedies, and he went into a long drawn out plot line. I didn't take it down. If you really want to know, rent it!

What was your favorite role on Young Hercules? -- Timor. He really liked the role.

The end, much too soon in my opinion. He was a funny, gracious, intelligent, articulate guest. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his answers. And, yes, he was/is gorgeous! But you know, this is really probably as close as I would like to know the man. I don't like to be disillusioned, and right now I think he's pretty great. Right now I can tell myself that he's a great guy, fantastic father, good husband, and wonderful actor. I think I'll just let it go at that. Two thumbs up for this interview!!!!

Then it was time for autographs. It was unfortunate that so many people were able to talk to the guys up front that some didn't get an autograph at all. Really, they should have allowed more time or allowed only an allotted time per fan. I was fortunate enough to get my autographs personalized this day. I, of course, stuck my foot in my mouth again. I got up there to get my pic autographed. He said "name", I looked at him. He said "your name?", I looked at him. He said "What's your name luv?". I said, "Uh, ugh, um, Gwen." He said "G. W. E. N.?" I just nodded. I'm standing there thinking, "I see the lips moving, but I can't hear the words!" Duh!!!! Well, anyway, he gave me one of those once-overs, smiled, and said, "Cheers Mate." I'm pretty sure he was thinking, "Oh yeah, that's the freak who hates my mustache." Oh well.

End of part two (I did no editing, so if there are misspellings or grammatical errors, oh
well! ).

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