Whisper part 3

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posted October 23, 1999 01:07 AM   

If you don't feel like wading through loads of detail, feel free to hit the back button now! Now even though I wrote down all I could, I'm positive that I missed stuff, so please don't be offended, and feel free to make additions or changes!

We barely had time to get back to the hotel and change clothes and get back to the Con center before it was time for the Cabaret. Oh my we were looking forward to this. I lucked out again and ended up sitting by Lill! Let me just say, OMGOW! This was something to behold!!!! Okay, okay, okay, here's the breakdown:

The Bard Band comes out, and pretty soon you see Tim O. sneaking around putting beer bottles down by all the musicians. He sneaks back off. Then Joel comes out and asks, of course, "Are you ready to party?!!!" He's totally psyched, no hiding that!

First song - Let's Go Crazy -- Joel singing

Then Kevin comes out. Oh my. He's wearing jeans and the vest, and yes THAT'S ALL! He's totally hot of course. Lill and I take one look at him, look at each other, back at him, back at each other, and you could probably hear us saying "OH MY GOD OF WAR!!" After that we were pretty much speechless. Sometimes a word or syllable would slip out, but definitely nothing articulate.

Second song - It's Not Unusual to be Loved by Anyone -- Kevin singing

Okay, I can't stand this song, and really I think Tom Jones could go away, but WOW! Kevin can put the life into anything!

Third song - Purple Rain -- Kev and Joel singing

This is when Lill and I look at each other and say simultaneously, "He waxed his chest!" (Yep, took us a while. )

Now out comes Danielle. She's wearing a little crop top with an open shirt over it and hip huggers. Talk about psyched! She's going nuts! I have never seen anyone flip their hair around so much in my life! I thought she was going to take someone's eye out!

Fourth song - Bad to the Bone -- Danielle singing

Tim comes out and passes out more beer. He's still wearing his suit. He's a little intimidated by the whole scene, but he gets into it by the end, and we can actually hear him singing some back up. He has a nice voice, he just needs a little confidence! He does play a few bars on his harmonica which he is very good with!

Fifth song - Easy -- Danielle singing

Sixth song - Blue Lady -- Danielle singing

Seventh song - Play that Funky Music -- Kevin

Eighth song - Let's Stick Together -- All

Ninth song - In the Ghetto -- Kevin

Tenth song - Always on the Run -- Kevin

Eleventh song - Knock on Wood -- All

Twelfth song - Higher Ground -- All

Thirteenth song - Get It On -- All

Fourteenth song - Jumpin' Jack Flash -- Joel

Encore - Sweet Transvestite -- Kevin

At this point Lill is practically lying on the floor in a puddle of her own drool! At intermittent points during the performance, she'd look at me and go, "uh, duh, ack, cough" and point! Very articulate for an attorney! Just kidding sweets! (We were both pretty much holding each other up during the duration of the show!) BTW -- We could literally HEAR 'shana screaming from across the auditorium! Needless to say, she was practically hoarse for the rest of the weekend!

By the end, Kev was glistening, Joel was grinning like Strife, Danielle had taken her outer shirt off, and Tim was out of his jacket with his shirt sleeves rolled up. They were having a blast, that was obvious! They did such a great job. I didn't hear one person who was disappointed. In fact, if I could have only gone to one thing throughout the entire weekend, this would have been it. I think we actually saw more of the true personalities of these people during this performance than at any other time. It was FANTASTIC!

So, we cabbed it back to the hotel, sat in the bar, had a drink, and talked. The cab driver was a total freak. He kept trying to get me to take a drink of his soda. I was starving, but there was nowhere close to eat at that time of night, and after that cab drive, I'd as soon starve!

End of part three (I did no editing, so if there are misspellings or grammatical errors, oh
well! ).

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