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posted October 23, 1999 01:12 AM

If you don't feel like wading through loads of detail, feel free to hit the back button now! Now even though I wrote down all I could, I'm positive that I missed stuff, so please don't be offended, and feel free to make additions or changes!

Salute to Ephiny to She's Got the Look. Perfect song for her. Very well done.

Finally it's time for Danielle Cormack! She's dressed in a gold satin dress and knee high black boots. Her hair, as I've said before, is really long and permed. She's just a doll. As nice as she was, I think I was least impressed with this interview than any of the others. She just seemed to not be able to get serious at all. Now I know that this is all fun and games, but some people asked some very good questions, and she had a crack for all of them. She did answer maybe two questions seriously, but I would've preferred to hear more from her heart. The first thing she talked about when she came out was how much fun she had last night. She had decided to give up her acting career and have a career as a rock star!


Will the kid who played Xenan be at any cons? -- She didn't know. Isn't he like 21 now and married with kids?

She thanked the proud sponsor of her alcoholism, Tim O.

She introduced Edith, who is the casting coordinator for X:WP (This poster thought Edith was some wigged out psycho at the Cabaret and was very surprised to see that she was legit! I'm sure she's a very nice person.).

Why did Ephiny have to die? -- She had a mafia connection.

What part will she play in Cleopatra? -- She plays a resident bad girl named "Rena" who looks surprisingly like Xena. She would like to go back and do some more for that show.

What was her most difficult stunt? -- Fitting into her costume after lunch. It was hard to go onto the set dressed as Ephiny and kick the crap out of someone, but it was fun. She was injured during the making of every ep she was in.

What was her favorite scene? -- Definitely not Doctor in the House. She'd never given birth to a four legged creature. She used to get a lot of horse jokes, like people going pbpbpbpbpbp when she went to the loo. She did like the scene in Les Contemptibles where she had to lean her breasts over Sal's shoulder and leave him totally speechless!

Are there aspects that American actors don't understand in NZ? -- Of course. American actors have high expectations. NZ actors are used to doing their own make-up, bringing their own lunch, getting their own coffee, etc...

What does she like most about San Francisco? -- The people! This is where she tells the story of using up all her pictures on the pretty bridge, only to look over and see an even larger red bridge across the way!

When did she realize the small part of Ephiny was getting huge? -- She doesn't think about it. It's fun to be supported, but she still doesn't think about it.

What was the last CD she bought? -- Promo rap CD. No, Miles Davis.

She has a 3 year old son. (I didn't know that.)

What was her favorite scene in Channeling Baby? -- She's not heavily into favoritism.

What's going on with Amazon High? -- She thinks it may be being cut down into an ep of X:WP. Right now everyone is focusing on the other two new shows.

How did she get the role of Ephiny? -- She had auditioned for something like seven other roles that didn't work out. She just finally landed the role of Ephiny.

What does she think of the relationship between Ephiny and Gabs? -- Even in death, she thinks Ephiny and Gabs will always be friends. She hated doing scenes with Renee because she'd be walking along with her and talking, and all of a sudden she'd look in a monitor and there Renee would be all cut up, and she'd be soft. She'd have to suck in her gut for the rest of the scene (especially after lunch)!

What does she think of her role as an Amazon compared to the real history of Amazons? -- Obviously they have their differences. When she got the role, she was actually happy to see that she had a bra with two cups!

In how many eps did she play Ephiny? -- 6.

What did she do before playing Ephiny? -- She was a whore. No, bits and bobs of theater, TV, lots of little things. She can't type and she's a hopeless waitress, so she's glad she was able to get by.

What was her worst injury on the set? -- She got hurt doing Hooves and Harlots when she was supposed to jump from the trees with the other Amazons and surround X and G. Her arrows were hooked to the front of her waist band, and when she jumped down, she stabbed herself in the breast. She didn't say anything 'cause she was scared they'd say, "Lucy Lawless breaks her leg every day and doesn't complain!"

If she could have any other job, what would it be? -- She the mother of a 3 year old child, so she'd probably like to be a housewife.

She was told she died beautifully. -- She accepted the compliment and went on to say that as an actor, it is so hard to die. It's hard to do something that has been done so many times before. She hasn't actually seen the episode herself.

Will Ephiny be back? -- She never really answered this.

How did Ephiny give birth one ep and the next ep have a flat stomach and no stretch marks? -- A miraculous jungle sap was responsible.

She was told she did a lovely job last night. -- She had a great time and is going to try to get Joel and Kev to form a band (ha ha).

Batrochides asked, what avenues would Danielle have liked for Ephiny to have explored if given the opportunity? -- She would like to have been able to have Ephiny explore more of her bad side, human bad side, to explore her unattractive side.

She mentioned here (I don't recall why) that the last words ever uttered to Ephiny were, "Hey Amazon, wanna' go for a ride?"

Has she every played in any theater sports? -- Yes. It was a scary experience. She would need to build more confidence to do it again.

She is then told that her time is up. She says good-bye and leaves the stage.

The next item is the Salute to Gabrielle which is great and done to Wind Beneath My Wings, but I felt it was more of a Xena video. It was very well done though.

And then the costume contest which I missed most of. Someone named Fred, I think, won dressed as Cupid. Also tied for first was the same Xena and Gabby duo that have won before, but I didn't catch their names. In the little tykes division was a Solan look-alike who one. She was cute, but I also didn't get her name.

Finally, it was time for autographs. This was a waste of time. If they're going to hurry you through that quickly, and refuse to allow you to talk to the guests at all or have the guests personalize your picture, then you might as well buy a pre-autographed picture. It would have saved everyone a lot of time. Anyway, I went up and got Cal's hat signed for her. There was a little bit of a mix up at first because Kevin thought I was giving it to him. I said "No, no. This is for a friend. I got your pic autographed yesterday." He said, "Only one?" I said, "What am I gonna do with more than one?" So he said, "Great, so I'm washed up already." "No." I said laughing, "Not hardly." Will I never learn to just keep my mouth shut?!!! I also got Joel and Danielle's autographs, but I don't even think I saw their faces. They were just signing and passing the pic along. Oh well. Live and learn. I did get to meet Zepgirl, the KS Fan Club president, and that was a real boon! She seems very nice and was very gracious about me introducing myself.

After the Con was officially over, 'shana, Kendaa, Cass, and I went and dropped off our stuff and headed over to Hard Rock for a bit to eat. We had so much fun! We even sat out front and did our own little "shock theater" music video to some Beatles' tunes. Oh what a sight to behold we must have been!

  Then it was back to the hotel bar where we had a drink and gabbed some more. On our way up to their room we met up with a bunch of other Amazons and had a few words, relived some of the con, expressed our delight that Stacy, Illusia's friend, had been converted to a Smithsonian, etc... I swear, by the time I left their room to go up to mine and to go to bed, I had revealed just a bit TMI, Cass and Kendaa were pretty much asleep, and 'shana was looking like maybe Whisper wasn't the right nic for me after all! How can so much wonderful get packed into so few people? I don't know, but I'm telling you right now, that they made my weekend. Lill, AW, Ceal, Bastet, you all did! I can't thank you all enough for allowing me to tag along, for making me feel so welcome, for all you did for me (and you know what that was), and for just being the very best! I was, and still am, awestruck. There is nothing I can say that will make you understand how you made me feel, and just how connected to you I feel now. Thank you all, and thank you for your encouragement. I had a FANTASTIC time!

End of part six (I did no editing, so if there are misspellings or grammatical errors, oh
well! ).

Th, th, that's all folks!


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