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posted October 23, 1999 01:10 AM

If you don't feel like wading through loads of detail, feel free to hit the back button now! Now even though I wrote down all I could, I'm positive that I missed stuff, so please don't be offended, and feel free to make additions or changes!

Then the Salute to Ares again. Again I loved it. I do wish they had had a second, different, video, but if wishes were horses...., and all that.

Time for Kevin Smith (Ares)!

He came out wearing his black athletic pants, black shirt, and a baseball cap (front forward). Several people asked him to remove the hat, but he said he had had a long night out and had just rolled out of bed, so had pillow head. As a compromise, he turned it around backwards (personally, I don't know how you can have pillow head when you only have a half an inch of hair ). Of course he looked great, but he was obviously very tired.


How did he like the Cabaret last night? -- It was cool. He thought Danielle had a great time (oh really?!!). She was a rock chick.

What movie or role would he like to be involved in the remake of? -- Streetcar Named Desire.

What was his dream role? -- He loves doing Shakespeare. He has a pretty good Shakespeare voice.

How much did he have to drink? -- He didn't really answer this, but he went on to blame the beer on Tim. He was glad he brought it, though!

Will he be involved in Lord of the Rings? -- No. His mother called and asked him if he was going to be involved in it, and when he said "No.", she said, "Oh, (sadly) well, that's okay." He said everyone in NZ was trying to be involved with the show. (Personal note: I'm pretty sure every guest was asked this question, but I can only write so fast, so I'm sure I missed putting several things down. Also, no guest said that he/she would be involved in LOR.)

What is his work out like? -- No matter what, he doesn't run. He had to run a lot in rugby, so now he never does, has no desire to. He works out with free weights and gets on the bike for 1-1/2 hours. He likes to use a balance board too.

What position did he play in rugby? -- Loose forward. More sports stuff.... NZ vs. Italy 101-3... blah, blah, blah....

Does he have a girlfriend? -- No. He's been married for 16 years.

Does he have any children? -- Yes, three boys, 8, 6, and 2. He offered to hook up the little girl who asked this question.

What kinds of crazy stunts has he done? -- He once did a bridge swing for a sports show. He went on to explain that a bridge swing is kind of like bungy jumping, only the rope and significantly less give, and the swinger stands on one platform at the end of a canyon, is hooked to the bridge by this rope, and jumps and swings the length of the rope. He said he won't do that again soon. (Can't blame him. I think he's nuts to have done it in the first place!)

Will he be in the Macbeth production that Michael is directing? -- He doesn't know. He thinks Michael will act in it though.

Does he like playing the evil roles? -- Yes. They are lots of fun. There is a lot of cool stuff to say and do. It's like exercising the demons inside. However, he thinks the good guy roles are sometimes more of a challenge.

If he could work with any actor, who would it be? -- Kevin Spacey and John Cussack came to mind right away. He likes the Cooper, Bogart character actors.

Will he be in the final H:TLJ ep? -- Yes. They will not be killing Hercules, btw.

Is he Kevin Smith, the guy who plays Ares? (Asked by a young child.) -- Yes, but he does get confused with Kevin Smith the director. People call him and tell him how great they think his new movie is, and he thanks them and says, "I don't have a new movie." He said he'd like to make a movie called "Kev". All of the cast would have to be named Kevin, and it would have to be directed by Kevin Smith. It's all really in the developing stages right now, nothing final (ha ha, wink wink).

Does he enjoy doing the fight scenes? -- Yes. He used to be a little wary and really work on the choreography, but now he's pretty used to them.

Me again, sticking my foot in my mouth (Geez). "Do you watch yourself?" (Big laugh from the audience.) He waggles his eyebrows, and I say, "Yeah, that's exactly what I meant. Mirrors and all." "No, do you critique yourself." "Do you look at a scene and say, I did that well, or I did that poorly?" -- Yes, he does. A lot of actors won't watch themselves, but he actually learns from it. The funny thing is that his kids really watch his roles. It's pretty obvious when they're playing with their friends, and he hears them say, "My dad's an actor!" or "My dad's the GOD OF WAR!", "Show 'em the flip, Dad!"

Does he find it hard to do the American accent? -- No, it's just part of the role. He's used to it.

Has Kevin Sorbo indicated that any of his old cast mates might be invited to play a role on his new show? -- "I don't know. He's never said anything to (pause) me." (Funny!) His new show should be shooting in Vancouver.

Does the actor who plays Solan ever do conventions? -- I don't know.

Did he enjoy playing Elvis last night? -- He didn't really feel like he got to do the standard Elvis. It occurred to him while he was singing, that here they were rockin' the house, and he had picked the most depressing Elvis song in history to sing (In the Ghetto).

How old is he? -- 36 years (there ya' go AW!).

What is his favorite acting venue? -- He prefers the theater. It seems more like a real experience.

What was his strangest request? -- The first autograph he was asked to sign was really a request for another actors autograph!

Does he do his own stunts? -- Some. Actors tend to hurt stuntmen when they try to do too many stunts. He went on to pantomime making stunt mistakes and beating the living daylights out of the stuntmen.

Why did they choose the set they played last night? -- It was the set they played at the YH wrap party. They really had a ball.

How has fame affected him in NZ? -- He has to be really circumspect. He has to remember to let his private life remain private. Now he has to be careful even when he's driving down the road, 'cause a case of road rage can cause people to spread rumors. He went on to tell about how his wife tells him (not verbatim) "You know, when you're screaming at other drivers you really look like a d!@k!" "You know what a d!@k you look like?" "And as much of a d!@k as you look, imagine how much of a d!@k you look when they can't hear you cause the window is rolled up!"

Will he be doing any more X:WP eps? -- Yes. He will be doing two more eps.

How was it working with Renee O as a director? -- Fine. She's so nice. She'd do anything rather than blow-up. She's cool. Actors as directors are cool.

Someone congratulated him on his best actor nomination. -- He kindly thanked them, but then said that he wasn't sure that he wanted to be nominated, 'cause the last time he was nominated, the All Blacks lost. He'd be willing to give up his own personal recognition for them to win. (Guess we know we can find Kev at the next All Blacks Con!)

Does he have an Ares doll? -- No, but he'd love one (to which Amoreena kindly offered hers if he was willing to come and get it!). He does have a big pic of himself in an All Blacks uniform in his house though.

How tall is he? -- He says 6' 3", but someone else measured him at 6' 2-3/4". He's not buying it .

What does he think about the Xena and Ares subtext? -- He's always suspected that Ares isn't interested in Xena at all. He just likes all her gear.

At this point, he's told that his time is up. He gives a gracious wave and leaves.

End of part five (I did no editing, so if there are misspellings or grammatical errors, oh
well! ).

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