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Nov 10, 2006

Finished the who and where guide for the HoD Files.
Deleted the Guestbook, added email addy
More HoD tweaks.

October 18, 2006

Added to HoD 2006. Did more minor tweaking.

October 16. 2006

Added new section to HoD 2006. Continued to tweak earlier HoD years.

October 9, 2006

Over the last several days I've added 2006 HoD and went back thru the previous year's HoD stories to clean up the formatting. I've attempted to get all odd fonts out of the 2006 HoD but please let me know if I missed something :)

October 3, 2006

Added 2005 HoD. Went thru and stripped out java script and random Dead links from HoD pages. Still need to pretty-fy

October 2, 2006

Worked on the HoD section. Fixed links, put everything the right way around. Still need to add 2005 and try to figure out how to make it look cohesive...

May 21, 2002

Tripod reduced space limits, removed Phoenix pics till I figure out what I'm going to do. Put original index page back in place

November 18, 2001

More Kevin Sorbo pics added

November 17, 2001

Started adding Kevin Sorbo pics to  Tulsa Trekfest pics. Also added Safari Joe pics.

November 16, 2001

Started adding Tulsa Trekfest pics, added Jimmy Doohan

November 15. 2001

Completed adding Phoenix con pics. Had to delete a lot to make enough room for pictures. Archived DebU HoD stories aree back, including 2001 HoD

November 13, 2001

Started adding Phoenix 2001 Con pics, rearranged structure a bit.

March 18, 2001

Sigh. Tripod deleted my site, so I combined all my website stuff and moved addys. I'll move again when I find somewhere better.
Internal navigation is being worked on
No themes right now
1999 DebU/HoD stuff is not on nav tree yet.
Added new links to Andromeda page

January 30, 2001

added new (temp) first page

January 9, 2001

added links on Andromeda page
tried to fix blank news on index page
updated site map

January 8, 2001

added DebU Stats mirror page
updated DebU url
Andromeda links added to

November 21, 2000

updated Universal forum addys
removed DebU webring from DebU page
added ski reports page
added msg about Shauna's site
added link to voting booth
fixed DebU banner selector

November 15, 2000

Added links to ecards, Kevin Sorbo's page and the general Herculean and Amazonian page

November 4, 2000

Added animated gif to HoD 2000 index page
Added (HoD 2000 - Silver Screen Halloween) to all HoD page titles

November 2, 2000

Finished adding HoD 2000 pages
redid navigation on a number of pages...

October 28, 2000

Switched from popup to embedded ads. 
Added links to Andromeda page
fixed minor layout problems in a couple of pages

October 27, 2000

tweaked pages
added more Joxer /Ted Raimi links

October 25, 2000

Stated checking links .... a lot of DNS errors ... network problems possible ...
changed navigation in reference section ... less complicated now, II hope
Updated Andromeda links
Redid Forum Tricks page
Moved HTML info from Forum Tricks to HTML page
Updated HTML  and Hyperlinks pages

October 24, 2000

Started simplifying site ... or at least attempted to!
changed theme

October 23, 2000

Upgraded to FP 2000
Added Andromeda link page
Updated Forums page to reflect new Andromeda forums
Split The Shows page in order to speed page loading
Deleted pics and active link on Lucy Lawless page to speed loading
Updated Kevin Sorbo page - put up pic from Andromeda
Added new section - HoD 2000
Added 4 pages to HoD 2000
Updated site map

April 7, 2000

Began checking hyperlinks for breakage
added CAP banner to DebU page
Added CAP banner to CAP page
added more links to Sounds page
fixed theme problems in CAP

April 5, 2000

Updated Banner selector on Deb page
added Maigrey's site to Micheal Hurst page
added new link to cookie page about doubleclick.com

April 4, 2000

Added links on "Convention Pics" page
Made Andromeda a separate page
Added Cleopatra 2525 link page - links to Major stars of the show
Updated Kevin Sorbo, Kevin Smith pages
Added links throughout ...
Updated site map
Added Karl Urban to Other Heros page

February 28, 2000

Added links to Pasadena con 200 Pics on "Convention Pics" page
Added Andromeda links to The Shows page
Added link to Alex Tydings page
Added Andromeda forum to Forums page
Updated Forum Tricks

December 30-31, 1999

Finished adding CAP eps.
Added the rest of scanned photos of SF Con 99
Completed move of photos to new site
Completed Ask 'shana2
Added "Decemmber 1999" page to Ask 'shana2
Scanned photos of 'current events'
updated HTML page
updated forum tricks page
updated forum page
redid all links to SF Con 99 so they point to new site
redid site map
changed table attribute on all pages

December 11, 1999

Added 3 parts of epilogue to CAP
In process (slow!) of adding and moving con pics to new location ...
New Xena links added

November 5, 1999

Added to CAP
Added front page link to thehungersite.com

November 4, 1999

Found more room to expand site.
Will be moving convention pages over there when ready.

November 2, 1999

Added more to CAP
Removed Australian internet censorship pages, the offer page and email to tptb page.
Removed non used graphics
updated link on DebU Selector Cleya => Antares for character page
Added Joel Tobeck page to Other Heroes
Added more links to SF Con 99 pics

November 1, 1999

Added Kendaa's part 3b to convention memories
Added more HoD to CAP

October 31, 1999

Added Joel's Q&A to Convention photos
Added Kendaas convention memories (1-3a)
Added part three of my con memories
Added more Hod to CAP
Added 'nother link to other con pics

October 28, 1999

Finally finished Cabaret pics
Added After Cabaret page
Corrected dates on photo page .
Added Science ticker to front page
Updated Site Map
Added more Hod to CAP

October 27, 1999

Added more HoD to CAP
Reorganized a few pages in San Francisco Convention section
Added to Convention Memories

October 26, 1999

Added more HoD to CAP
Another page of Cabaret pics ...

October 25, 1999

Updated picture captions ..
Added more HoD to CAP
Added to con memories
Started Cabaret pics

October 24, 1999

Added Autograph line page and Cass's Cabaret page

October 23, 1999

Added Kev's Saturday Q&A pics page
redid site nav
Added section for convention memories

October 22, 1999

Moved "Party Pics" page into "The Shows "area
Started scanning SF Con '99 pics - 3 pages going up now ... thru Tim's Q&A session (No Kev pics yet)
Added missing HoD pages

October 20, 1999

Fixed broken forum link
Added more info about "smilies" to Forum Tricks
added FMN site to ecards
checked for broken links, updated where ness.

October 13, 1999

Updated The CAP, added HoD's seasonal epic ....
Tidied up "Forum Tricks"
dicovered that http://askshana.tripod.com/ is a valid addy for my website ..

October 8, 1999

Updated StudiosUSA forum addy ..

October 7, 1999

Added a coupla more Xena sites
Updated the CAP
Updated Forum tricks page
Added "Stop the Hate" logos to front,  forum and Xena pages
removed a few non working links.

October 5, 1999

Updated CAP, updated show links

added new Xena pic

September 23, 1999

Added more to CAP

September 14, 1999

Added hurricane link to first page
rearranged Aussie Internet alert
moved "Welcome Back" marquee to Kevin Sorbo page
updated CAP, navigation

September 8, 1999

Added new section, DebU ff. (DUW:) The CAP
Trying to change themes ...

September 3, 1999

Added Banner selector to DebU page
Redid page titles for the actors
Gave Melinda Clarke, and the YH guys their own pages
Generally tidied up a bit.
Removed a few nonworking links - still testing others

July 22, 1999

Added links to "Mostly Xena"
Added Xena postcard site
Added a page for DebU
Joined DebU Webring
Worked on internal navigation - rearranged links and references

July 15, 1999

Added links to "Mostly Xena"
Noted three "front doors" for StudioUSA Message Boards

July 14, 1999

Checked all hyperlinks. Noted broken links, updated 'traffic' link on Welcome Home page.
Noted StudiosUSA Messageboard weirdness, added note about 'Show all Topics"
Added cool link for writers (Simahoyo's page) to 'shana's Reference page

July 7, 1999

Still redoing navigation. Trying to figure out what makes sense where and the easiest way to get there ..
Updated StudiosUSA Message board addy, added link to a copy of the eamail I sent tptb.

July 6, 1999

Changed navigation
Updated site map
Changed "Show Resources" to "the Shows"

June 21, 1999

Well, after losing everything due to a hard disk corrupting, I redid the site pretty close to what it was. Lesson learned? Backup daily.

Updated Forum Tricks, Hyperlinks pages.
Changed name of page from "Hercules, Xena and Friends" to "Show Resources"
Changed navigation
Changed graphics.
Still recovering data.

June 4, 1999

Added more links to contact info and censorship issues pages

June 2, 1999

Redid site navigation, "Cookies" and "Pick a Nick" are now under "Forum Tricks"
Updated Forum Tricks
Updated site map
Added Censorship page
redid index page
added links on Herc, Xena and Friends page

May 25, 1999

Added to Forum Tricks page
*spiffed up* Welcome Home page :)

May 21,1999

changed the graphics..

May 19, 1999

added my site banner to Links page
updated forum tricks
changed the graphics... again ..

May 18, 1999

added "Welcome Home" page
added "What's UBB"
Updated references to the "official forums"
added to forum tricks.
changed the graphics... again ..

May 12, 1999

Added Golden Anvil Award
put awards on their own page

May 10, 1999

Separated 'Forum Tricks' into smaller pages
updated sitemap

May 9, 1999

added newest award to award section

May 6, 1999

Switched Weather gizmo out on front page. Not sure yet if I like it ... may put it on an interior page and put the old Weather Link back ...

Added how to hyperlink section on Forum Tricks page

May 3, 1999

Changed site graphics
reorganized page order
redid navigation
checked hyperlinks - deleted ones nonworking for a week
Put Multiple Hero links on Herc, Xena and Friends page
deleted multiple heroes page since links are now elsewhere
added guestbook

May 1, 1999

Added links to More Heroes
Added Aphrodite, Alti pages

April 29, 1999

Added more pics to Herc, Xena related pages
added Joxer, Borias, Autolycus pages

tweaked pics on oheros

April 28, 1999

Changed site graphics
added pictures to Ares, Herc, Iolaus, Xena, Mult Heroes, Other Heroes pages

April 27, 1999

Verified hyperlinks, marked non working ones
Added Kevin Sorbo interview links to Mostly Herc page

April 26, 1999

Added link on Cookie page
Added "What's New" page
Added Site Map
Added more links on Herc, Xena and friends pages
Moved images from Links to main page
Removed Comic Sans font globally
Switched from font sizing to using headlines
Generally tidied the place up .
Changed main tracker.

April 25, 1999

Added Jewel of the Web Award to Links page
Added and rearranged links on Voting Booth Page

April 21, 1999

Added Wingdings section to Forum Tricks

April 20, 1999

Separated Herc and Xena links onto different pages
Added Forums page

April 19, 1999

Rearranged opening page - Ask 'shana
Added more Kosovo links to Reference page

April 18, 1999

Added shana.htm page
Changed site Theme
Added email envelope, credit

April 16, 1999

Added the Critical Mass award to Links page


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