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Every year in October the students, faculty, Chancellors and anyone else residing at DebU gets "done in" by the Harbinger of Death (aka HoD or Harby)

He's been at it a while....

Reprinted for your consumption


The HoD Files



A long time ago ... in a Forum far far away ... a group of Herc fans got off topic ...waaay off topic. They decided to find a new home ... where they could be free to post fan fiction and Hoolie to their heart's content ... and a new University was born ...Deb U - THE Place to find out all about the question ... What IS DebU???

And along the way .... we wander ... and out of those wanderings comes stories of DebU .... (DUW = Deb U Wanderings)

The Fan Fiction is scattered amongst several sites,

The FFW forum and the official DebU site can lead you to most of the sites ...

DebU monthly stats index




Our Forum usual haunts ... if one forum is 'down' we toddle off to the next one and regroup there ...

The Deb U Forum - Network54 forum

Deb U Desperation Forum - BraveNet Forum

Tales from Tartarus - CasualForum- now off-line ... but never forgotten..

 DebU UniClassic Forum - currently read-only   now off-line ... but never forgotten..

DebU FFW Forum

DebU HTML Playground


There are many many wonderful sites run by DebU students .... I'll point you towards a couple of resources


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