HoD - Children of the corn

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Children of the corn
by Harbinger of Death

Out in the cornfield, Lady Pegasus conducted a secret meeting with her CAs. It was a tough job to remain in hiding for so long with this whole revolt business, but Kimba, Calee and Lonesome Dove helped her, and carried her certain information, although some details they would not disclose. Today, however, they brought news that would soon spread like wildfire.

“What do you mean, they’re dead?” LP demanded. “They can’t be!”

“They are,” Calee said. “We got a phone call from the hotel this morning. They were found in one of the hot tubs. They’re willing to forgive the rest of the bill to avoid scandal, but they need somebody to come and get the bodies and their luggage, and keep quiet about it.”

“This can’t be happening!” LP said in disbelief. “It just--wait a minute, where’s Lambda?”

“Nobody’s seen her for a couple of days,” Kimba told her. “We all just assumed she was trying to avoid Nydiva’s torturous attentions.”

“Find her, and quick. I have a bad feeling about this.”

Just then they heard a grinding noise, and looked up to see a huge combine right on top of them. The farmer never saw them, but he did feel a little turbulence as the rotating blades came down upon the hapless Debs and mowed them down with the wilted cornstalks around them. They had not even time to cry out before they were chopped up into little itsy bits like shrimp at a Japanese restaurant. Blood seeped into the fertile ground where they once stood. The farmer figured sometime he’d have to get out there and get rid of whatever rocks he just ran over. Another chore for another day.

In the death mansion’s basement, the four fresh victims stood in the expansive cell with the other chancellors.

“So this is what happened to you guys,” Calee observed. “And Omar, I didn’t even know you were dead.”

“Yeah,” he said from his recliner. “It’s not so bad in here, really. Have a seat.”

“But wait a minute,” Astraea said. “Now that all the chancellors are here, the campus is defenseless. There’s no one to lead them to safety. They’ll all be killed for sure!”

“Think for a minute, dear,” Nanaea said patiently. “These are the same Debs that ditched us in Lost Wages to actually WORK for a living, ignoring our many repeated requests for assistance. Do we really care if they get killed?”

“She’s got a point,” Hebea said.

“Yes, indeed she does. Well, I hope they get their come-uppance, then.” And they all settled in to watch more reruns.

Harbinger left his eavesdropping place. That was easy. He thought they might revolt once they had more allies in the cell, but Deb U’s civil strife would be its own undoing. Without leadership, it was true the rest of the Debs would be easier to nab. However, the CAs had gotten quite bossy in the chancellors’ absence. They would have to be next.

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