HoD - Fire and ice

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Fire and ice
by Harbinger of Death

Nydiva busied herself in the kitchen with a several-course meal in the making. As a reward to herself for being such a good CA, she was giving herself the night off and having dinner with Apollo. He’d be there for their date soon, though, and she needed to freshen up before he arrived.

“Hi Nydiva,” said Lyric, entering the kitchen. “Wow, this smells good!” She peeked into the pot where the squash soup was simmering.

“Thanks. Apollo’s coming over.”

“Ooooo, that’ll be fun. Need any help?”

“Actually, yes. Can you do me a favor and watch these pots while I go change?”

“Sure. Anything else?”

“Yes, I need some strawberries for the preserves. But I can get those in a second. I’ll be right back.” Nydiva hurried off to find something tight and revealing that would accidentally-on-purpose show her cleavage when she bent to pour Apollo a drink.

Lyric stood there a minute, just watching the pots. And just like the old saying, none of them boiled. Boring job. But wait, she could get those strawberries. There were probably some in the walk-in freezer.

She opened the door and put down the wedge to keep the door open. Let’s see, blueberries, raspberries....aha! Strawberries! She grabbed a pack....but there was a swishy sound behind her, and the door slammed shut tight. The handle was broken, which is why she’d used the wedge in the first place. Lyric banged on the door. “Help!” she cried. “I’m stuck!” But there was, of course, no answer.

She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself. Nydiva would be back soon. It seemed like it was getting colder by the second, as if someone were turning the thermostat down. The cold air puffed in white mist around her, sighing with almost a human quality. She sat on the floor and figured she’d just sit tight until Nydiva came to rescue her.

But in minutes the cold petrified Lyric and she was a frozen statue. Her blood slowed in her veins. Her lungs contracted and expanded less and less. Her heart beat slower and slower....and finally stopped.

Nydiva came back into the kitchen. “I’m back, thanks for--” But Lyric was nowhere in sight. “That silly CAA,” she muttered. “So easily distracted.” She sighed. “I guess I’d better look in on those cookies.” She opened the huge oven to check her cookies for that perfect touch of golden brown. One of the sheets had shifted to the far corner of the oven, though, and they would burn there for sure. “Must have been Lyric sneaking a peek,” she said, and reached in with a mitt to retrieve them.

Suddenly she lost her footing and fell towards the oven. “OWWWWWCH!!!” she yelled, and then felt hands at her backside. “Lyric, quick, pull me out!” But the hands did not pull; they pushed. Hard. In moments she was toasted evenly on both sides, her insides gooey like grilled cheese.

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