The Distractionary Tactic... Distracted. bwahahaaa

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The Distractionary Tactic... Distracted. bwahahaaa
by Lambda

>>After an hour, she surveyed the panting Lambda and the pile of squash. "Okay, now clean up the peelings, cube the squash (another killer task, believe me) and start in on the onions." Lambda was ready to cry and she hadn't even started in on the onions yet.

from around a nearby corner, Lambda... the REAL Lambda... watched this and chuckled.
As has been mentioned earlier, there are several other Robot O.M.A.R. duplicates... sensing that Nydiva was up to something, Lambda modified one of them to look like herself, and set it to seemingly fall for Nydiva's treachery.
Now, L.A.M.B.D.A. (the Lambda Analog Mechanical Being - Distractionary Alterego) would keep Nydiva and others distracted from what the REAL Lambda was up to.

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Posted on Aug 27 1999, 02:56 PM

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