The CAP: Something's always cooking

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The CAP: Something's always cooking
by Nydiva

Nydiva sighed. It was only logical. Logical but a huge task. But this time, Nydiva reflected grimly, she was NOT going to do it alone.

Since the Chancellors had left (and most of the funds had left long before them), it was becoming more and more difficult to keep one of the very few revenue-producing sources (the Campus cafeteria) running. Who better than to handle the task (since it was unceremoniously dumped on her anyway) than Nydiva. Supplies were, for now, not a problem. With the Chancellors gone, Nydiva was able to raid their vast stores of delicacies and also negotiate with the local suppliers for better deals. Armed with a plate of "special" cookies, Nydiva made a formidable negotiator!

However, now that she had the foodstuffs - she was determined to get help with the cooking. And now that she was an Acting Chancellor, she realized, she could simply "request" assistance. She spotted Bird talking to the new girl in town, Lambda. "Poor thing", she thought, "So tall and gawky. The size of those arms alone...". And that gave her an idea.

As she approached the demi-Deb and her fellow AC (that's Acting Chancellor, thankyouverymuch), she heard Bird suggesting that Lambda render her some assistance. What a good idea! As a matter of fact, with so few new Debs enrolling, it would be a good idea for ALL the AC's to give Lambda their individual attention.

With a knowing wink to Bird, Nydiva beckoned Lambda. "Here". Nydiva handed Lambda a vegetable peeler. "Follow me". Lambda briefly made protest, but Nydiva gently pointed out that since she hadn't formally registered, she must either cooperate or be denied access to Deb U. A few choice words about "otherwise lamb stew" clinched the girl's cooperation.

As they strolled towards the kitchen, Nydiva was careful to surpress her giggles as Lambda tried, rather unsuccessfully, to maintain a graceful gait. It seemed the visiting demi-Deb was having major problems with her dainty heeled sandals. "Don't slouch, dear", Nydiva admonished. Lambda, concentrating on keeping her balance, looked up and thunked straight into the edge of the open door.

Nydiva pushed the reeling girl into a chair. Once Lambda gathered her wits enough to look around, she found herself in front of a huge pile of butternut squash and onions. Nydiva stood over her beaming. She handed her a large RED apron, saying, "The soup of the day is my special butternut squash. A best seller if ever there was one. Your first task will be to…start peeling." (And if you've ever tried to peel a raw butternut squash, you KNOW what a miserable job this is.) "And after
you've finished that, you can mince the onions - very finely, mind you."

Lambda began to peel as Nydiva pulled up another chair, propped up her feet, and had a nice sitdown. Her new assistant, Lyric joined her after a bit and they had a whispered conversation over a mysterious stack of papers. Lambda vainly strained to hear, but only caught a few giggles. "As long as you're taking a break", Nydiva said, frowning pointedly, "you might as well make us a cup
of tea." Lambda had no choice but to comply and then go straight back to work under two pairs of watchful eyes.

After an hour, she surveyed the panting Lambda and the pile of squash. "Okay, now clean up the peelings, cube the squash (another killer task, believe me) and start in on the onions." Lambda was ready to cry and she hadn't even started in on the onions yet.

Nydiva desultorially took out a few spices and muttered something about "back later". She and Lyric beat a quick retreat, toting a small cart with a large barrel raspberry-lemondade and assorted baked goodies. Just the thing they needed for the next Acting Chancellors meeting.

And who knows what will happen THEN! To paraphrase Bt: Muahahahahahahaha!


Posted on Aug 27 1999, 12:54 PM

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