The CAP: "The Handling of the Hunters"

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The CAP: "The Handling of the Hunters"
by Bird

Bird sat deep in thought, her chin on her hand and a faraway look on her face. Her Romance 101 class had just let out and she was eager to start taking advantage of her position as an Acting Chancellor.

She already knew what she wanted to do, it was just a question of rounding up her "students".

Antares, Bird's new assistant, was off on an assignment and ForgetMeNot, her other assistant was busy setting up her new quarters she'd be sharing with LizardKing.

Suddenly, a light bulb lit over Bird's head and a huge grin widened across her face. "I've got it"!, she thought to herself.

Bird stood up, preparing to seek out that new, funny looking girl who had been hanging around campus a lot lately, Lambda. She figured that if she wanted to become a full- fledged student, she'd have to be willing to help out.

Bird was opening the classroom door when her sister, Ladybug came flying through it, all out of breath. Bird looked at her sister and said, "Whoa. Hang on, what's up with you Sis"?

Breathing hard and laughing almost hysterically, Ladybug grabbed Bird's arm and said, "Sit down with me for a  minute. You've gotta hear what just happened"!

The two sisters sat and chatted for a while, loud laughter echoing down the university hallways. Holding her stomach, Bird said, "Oh Gods, that is just too funny for words. So "Lambda is really someone in disguise? I knew that she was just too weird looking to be a real amazon".

Grinning, Ladybug agreed. The two sisters decided that  "Lambda" needed another lesson and Bug helped her  sister plot out a strategy.

Bird headed for the Battlefield, where Bug had told her that Lambda was running towards as she left her room in a huge hurry.

At the Battlefield, Bird spied Lambda at the bar, throwing back a triple shot of something brownish. Casually walking up, Bird stopped beside her and leaned on the bar, eyeing the way Lambda downed the liquor.

Lambda quickly finished the shot, slamming the glass on the bar and started to order another one when she noticed Bird next to her. Sheepishly grinning, she looked at Bird and said, "Oh hi. I was just having a drink..."

Bird laughed and said, "Yes, I noticed! Do you have a few minutes to help me out with a problem I have"?

Lambda eagerly nodded her head, thinking to herself, "This will take my mind off of what just happened for a while". Leaving a few dinars on the bar for Maurice and company, Bird took Lambda's hand in hers and they headed for the door. Bird thought, my what a big hand for an amazon and grinned to herself.

Lambda asked Bird what they were going to do and Bird said, "Oh, you're just going to help me round up all of the hunters at Deb U. You see, since my major is 'The Male Anatomy', I need actual subjects readily available for my studies. You know I'm almost at level 8, so I have to be ready for my term scrolls".

"First stop will be the showers. I like my subjects nice and clean when I study them", Bird said with a gleam in her eyes.Lambda looked at Bird and said, "But who's going to go in there to get them? We're both amazons, we can't get into the hunters' showers".

Bird said, "Don't worry, we'll find a way..." And so the twosome went around campus, rounding up hunters as they went. W-B was away but Bird really didn't want to study her brother anyway. She was around him too much and she wanted some fresh subjects.

Cathbad was the first to be found, still dripping wet with a towel wrapped around his waist. He was easily talked into going with them, once he saw Lambda. Next came Paladin, Feonix, LizardKing, BlackStar, and more.

Bird and her entourage arrived at her study. She unlocked the door, motioning Lambda to go in first. Sammy bounded up to the door, nearly knocking Lambda off her feet. She acted like she knew her, giving her big wet kisses. Lambda tried to shoo Sammy away.

Walking into the room, Bird was greeted by The Sov who was waiting for her. The hunters started filing into the
room and took seats in the chairs.

Trying to decide how to go about her "studying", Bird rubbed her hands together gleefully, eyeing her students
one by one and thinking to herself, "Power sure has its' benefits"...A sudden loud knock on the door awoke her
out of her reverie.

Lambda was closest to the door so she opened it. Jackie and Nydiva angrily strode in. Backing up from the angry Acting Chancellors, Lambda nearly fell into Cathbad's lap, catching herself at the last minute and quickly scurrying away, muttering, "Excuse me".

Jackie and NYdiva walked up to Bird and said, "Just what do you think you're doing, hogging all of the hunters to yourself"?

They began grabbing the hunters' by their arms and leading them out of Bird's study. Bird yelled after them, "Well how do you expect me to graduate"? Turning to The Sov, Bird grinned slyly and said, "Well, at least you're still here... you're my best subject anyway". The two proceeded to help Bird in her quest to graduate...

Hope you enjoyed,

A. C. Bird

Posted on Aug 30 1999, 09:03 AM

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