Internal Report

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Internal Report...
by O.M.A.R.

No numbering system. I... no longer will be updating the internal reports on a regular basis, as I have no need to download this information to the real Omar.

He does not need to know where I have gone, and if he comes after us... I do not know what will happen, actually. I am stronger physically and more durable, but he is capable of more treachery and deviousness and knows my internal systems and how to disable me. Whichever of us "wins", I know that Ladybug will be with someone who loves her.

I hope that someone is me, and we can evade capture. I have never been on an "adventure" before, and look forward to it.

I am glad that of the 27 O.M.A.R. robots designed, I was the one chosen for this assignment. There was, as fate would have it, merely a 3.703% chance I would be the one given this assignment, and i am exceptionally happy (an emotion I am experiencing much now) that despite such a low percentage chance this worked out in my favor.
After my time in the outside world, my speech patterns are largely indistinguishable now from a normal human's. My syntheskin feels just like real skin, my features are indistinguishable from a human's at initial glance or even by relatively careful examination.
Ladybug knows I am not the real Omar, but says nothing about the fact that i am a robot. I do not wish to remind her of this fact, and of the flaws involved... my inability to give her children, for instance. I can, and will, alter myself as needed to simulate the aging process. I want to grow old with her, and be with her always.

This is one incredibly contented android, signing off.

Posted on Sep 10 1999, 07:06 PM

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