The CAP: Going AWOL

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The CAP: Going AWOL
by Ladybug

“Omar darling.” Rose spoke quietly, nestled up against the android, who was almost in sleep mode.


“I have to know something.”


“Why have you been running out on me with Nanaea.”

O.M.A.R.’s eyes blinked wide open. Even if he wasn’t a real man, he knew that question was loaded, and it meant big trouble. “I haven’t been, of course. There’s nothing between me and Nan. I could never look at anyone but you.”

“You’re lying!” She cried, and sat up in bed. “Even my Omar looks at other women!” She clapped her hand over her mouth, eyes wide. Oh no! She blew it!!

O.M.A.R. was terrified. She must know he wasn’t the real Omar; what was he to do? He knew he could only be truthful. “Your Omar is flawed,” he said. “If he looks at other women, he is insane. You are too beautiful for words.” He touched her face. “I am different. Leave him for me, and I will treasure you for always. I promise you.”

Rose looked at him, stunned. It was as if he’d known all along. Her stomach fluttered. “I have an idea,” she said. She knew that his Ladybug would be angry, but it was too bad. The deal was off. This Omar was hers now. “I still have some money. It’s from a smaller grant that the others don’t know I received. I was saving it for something else, but let’s take it and run away together, just you and me. We’ll tell them we went to try and track down Autolycus. Come with me, Omar. We’ll never have to go back.”

Looking into those deep green eyes, the unit was helpless. This was his chance. The real Omar would never find them now, never take her away from him. “I will go with you,” he said. And the android fell in love with the alternate-universe Ladybug.

In the morning they were gone. The other chancellors found a note at the front desk for them, explaining that Ladybug’s great guilt for letting the check get away from her had led her to seek out Autolycus, and Omar had gone to protect her along the way.

“Damn,” Nanaea sighed. “I was gonna get lucky.” She shrugged and ate another cookie.

“How are we going to check out of here? We can’t settle our hotel bill.” Astraea was worried.

“Wait a minute!” Hebea snapped her fingers. “If he gets near Deb U, you know the girls will find him. When they go to use him for their usual purposes, they’ll surely find the check. Since the CAs can forge our signatures, they can sign it and cash it and send us the money to get out of here.”

“We have to wire them ASAP!” Astraea led them off in a hurry. “And let’s hope we’re not too late.”
Back at home, Autolycus handed over the check to Jackie. “When do I get my cut?” he asked impatiently. “All I’ve gotten so far is a little thrill off of tying up that chick back at the hotel, whoever she is.”

“Soon enough,” she said. “We’ll get our girls to sign this puppy and get it cashed. Then you’ll see your share.”

“Good. And hurry up. They’re gonna wise up before too long.”

“Tough,” Jackie chuckled.

“You’re pretty cold,” noted the thief.

“You know it, babe.” She winked at him before running off to round up the other CAs.

Posted on Sep 10 1999, 05:02 PM

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