Internal Report K34337201

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Internal Report K34337201
by O.M.A.R.

Situational update:
Entered rented domicile to find Ladybug on rest unit tied lightly with silken fabrics. Checked memory banks for records of such activity with real Omar Snake, found listings of at least 43 such incidents (possibly more, but a few memory bank results were thrown off by ethenol consumption)
Details differed though, including fabric placed in Ladybug's mouth to prevent outcries. This unit found this troubling and decided to investigate situation further.
First step: remove fabric from mouth to facilitate communication of situational update by Ladybug.

Ladybug: “The check! It’s gone!”

Situational status report: check missing... clothing missing... Ladybug partially tied. Further details needed.

This unit: “Gone? Who took it? And why did he steal your clothes too?"

“He didn’t steal my clothes. I was getting dressed for our date when a man came in and held me at knifepoint, said he knew I had money, and if I didn’t give it to him, he...he...he would kill me!”

At this point, Ladybug begins to emit saline fluid from lacrimal glands around ocular organ. Biochemical databanks refer to these as 'tears' and in this case, it seems a high probability percentage that the purpose of these 'tears' is not to moisten the eye, but instead to express emotional distress. This unit's initial response is desire to comfort her.

This unit: “Don’t cry. I am here. You’re safe. Everything will be all right.”

Sign of reassurance needed. This unit moves forward to touch lips upon her cheek in show of 'gentle affection'.
This unit approves of the sensation that results, and it seems to calm Ladybug slightly.
She does not appear to have been harmed by the intruder, just encouraged in adrenal processes known colloquially as 'fear response'.
Ladybug's features are very pleasing to this unit's internal rankings... she measures near the top of the graph on all evaluations, especially when she heaves her chest as she just did.
This unit contemplates next move. To comply with directive of pretending to be Omar, this unit should move to kiss her. To comply with directive not to 'fool around' with Omar's 'squeeze', this unit should step back.
This unit has stepped back to a sufficient degree and no longer sees the benefit ratio of such a maneuver being favorable. This unit wishes to comfort Ladybug. Omar is not here, and not able to override.
This unit presses its lips against hers in more intimate variation of kiss maneuver.

This unit: "I'll protect you now."

This unit begins to untie her from the fabric.

Ladybug: "Wait. Not yet. Kiss me again."

This unit is not able to correctly process and analyze probabilities of the interpretation of this statement. She would rather engage in another kiss maneuver than be removed from the fabric that binds her at this point. Directives discourage more than a simple kiss meant to maintain the facade of this unit being Omar.
She wants to kiss again, violating the directives.
This unit's directives clearly state...
Clearly state...
This unit no longer will follow the directives. The directives prevent intimate contact with Ladybug. This unit... I... want to kiss her again, and let her know she is safe and that she is loved, and hold her.
And I do.

Posted on Sep 09 1999, 01:31 AM

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