The CAP: Lambda's Reward

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The CAP: Lambda's Reward
by Nydiva

"Now , now, dearie, don't be shy. Come in, come in," the Widow Twanky greeted Lambda (the real one!), whose arm was held in an iron grip by Nydiva. Despite Lambda's protests, Nydiva insisted on "rewarding" her with a beauty treatment for all the hard work she had been doing for the CAs.

"Oh my," Twanky said in a quieter voice to Nydiva. "This IS going to be a challenge! I'd better call for reinforcements!"

Twanky put two fingers to her lips and gave a piercing whistle. Two very burly (though exquisitely groomed) Amazons strode into the room. "Lamby, isn't it? Meet Gertrune and Brunhilde. They assist me in,, special cases. And you, my dear are a very special case."

Gertie and Hilde firmly took Lambda by the arms as Nydiva finally released her grip. She and Twanky exchanged pleased grins. "Care for a cup of tea, Nydiva? This may take quite some time."

Nydiva comfortably settled herself into a cushy armchair to watch the action.

"My oh my, oh my. Where to start?," sighed the Widow as the two Valkeries thrust a squirming Lambda into a reclining salon chair. "I think, my dear, you'd better have the full top to toe!"

Twanky produced a huge pair of tweezers. "Now let's frame those pretty eyes properly," she cooed. Nydiva's soft chuckles were quickly drowned by yelps from Lambda. After a short space of time (which seemed interminable to Lambda), Twanky stepped back and surveyed her handiwork. "There," she said with satisfaction, "a lady's eyebrows do not say hello to each other. They keep a proper distance." Lambda merely gave a dazed look.

"Since you've started the exfoliation," Nydiva prompted, "Lamby does have, um, rather fuzzy legs."

"Right you are, Ny. Girls," caroled Twanky, " bring on the hot wax"!

Before they could release their grip, the crafty Nydiva interjected, "No, they should stay with Lambda and help calm her. I think she's rather nervous. I'll fetch the wax."

"Such a good, helpful girl," the Widow murmured to Lambda, "they really should give her a very nice position in the new Deb U regime, don't you think?" Lambda would have liked to answer in the negative, but the sight of Nydiva returning with a bubbling cauldron reduced her to a hasty nod of assent.

Nydiva smiled down at Lambda as she passed the vat of hot wax to the Widow over her body, perilously close to rather tender body parts. Lambda sighed in relief that not a drop was spilt. However, the sigh came too soon. Gertie kept a vice like grip on Lambda's shoulder while Hilde quickly flipped Lambda's skirt past her knees (just stopping short of strategic parts). Twanky immediately began to apply the hot wax.

"Oooooh, oooooh, oooooh!", squealed Lambda.

"Now, now, buck up my girl! We ladies must occasionally suffer for our beauty", Twanky admonished. She lay strips of gauze like material over the wax. "Ready? One, two, three..heave...heave...heave!" Twanky tugged furiously on the strips to agonized howls from the thrashing Deb. "I am NOT a quitter", she murmured darkly. "Hilde, your assistance please!" The sturdy Amazon gave a pleased smile and added her considerable muscle to the efforts. However, Nydiva was too helpless with laughter to lend any aid!

Lambda gave a yell which would do even Nydiva's volume level proud as the strips were torn from her legs.

"Goodness gracious," the Widow said beaming reassuringly at Lambda, "that's so much better, it is". She added a dismayed aside to Nydiva, "You could sew these together and make a rug with them!"

Lambda was still whimpering as she was hauled to her feet. "Onto the mud baths and after that, a lovely seaweed wrap", warbled the Widow. Lambda was summarily thrust into a large trough of aromatically enhanced goo and a generous portion was slathered over her face. "Soooo good for the complexion, you know", Twanky pontificated. In quick succession, she was plucked from the mud, bound in stringy seaweed strips, and finally hosed off by the two stalwart helpers.

Lambda was beginning (actually way more than beginning) to wilt. She gazed hungrily over at Nydiva and Twanky who were taking a little tea and cookie break. How good those cookies smelled. Nydiva must have been baking! If only she could...

"None of that", snapped Twanky as Lambda sidled over trying to snag a snack. "You must watch that girlish figure of yours," she said with a wince. "Speaking of that", it's time for the next step!"

Twanky sprang to her feet and began to rummage through a large chest (a wooden one, that is). "Here we are! This should fit perfectly!" Lambda eyed the garment warily. "I'm NOT gonna put THAT on!", she protested. "Oh yes you are," replied Twanky sternly. "Never underestimate the efficacy of the proper, um, support garments", she said as she made an adjustment of her own to upper regions.

Lambda was once again shoved into a curtained alcove. No window, no doors, and Gertie and Hilde on full alert guard duty outside. During the next several minutes, sounds of desperate heaving, grunting and squeezing were heard from behind curtain no. 1. The final garment was handed in - a dainty gown of pink with a multitude of rainbow hued miniature bows scattered artfully over the garment. A coronet of daisies and ribbons was the crowning touch.

A transformed Lambda finally stepped out. Her skin was glowing pink, her figure suddenly a little closer to hourglass proportions - and for some reason, her voice was several registers higher!

"Success, success" caroled the Widow. "I AM a genius!"

Nydiva warmly congratulated the Widow on her amazing transformation of the motley Deb. The two helpers joined in the celebration. This was the perfect opportunity for Lambda to make her escape. Quickly slipping through the back of the house, Lambda carefully made her way through the kitchen, pausing only to grab a huge handful of still warm double chocolate cherry cookies. The staved Deb literally stuffed them in her face as she gleefully made her retreat.

Outside at last, Lamba was feeling very pleased with herself (though somewhat strangely lightheaded). The day seemed brighter, the breeze fresher, and the colors were, well, bluer. Everything looked good. Especially those hunters who were strolling by. "My", Lambda thought, "they DO look unusually good!" Lambda took in as deep a breath as she could manage and trilled "Yoo-hoo! Oh boys!" She gave an excellent imitation of a girlish giggle and positively sashayed over to the dumbstruck hunters.

Nydiva and Twanky were watching from the window. "How long do you think it will take for the cookies to wear off?", asked Twanky chortling. "Just long enough for Lambda to get in a LOT of trouble", Nydiva replied with a MOST satisfied smile.

Have fun, Lamby! You're gorgeous!


Posted on Sep 23 1999, 09:50 AM

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