The CAP: Loose in Lost Wages

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The CAP: Loose in Lost Wages
by Acting Chancellor Jackie

The nearly naked Acting Chancellor lay on the table as the large, well-muscled masseuse used his strong hands to knead away her stress. ‘Ah’ Jackie was all a-tingle as the he rubbed warmed oil all over her exposed flesh. Jackie half turned and let the towel accidentally slip, ‘You are very talented.’ She tried to think of something seductive to say, Gods! If she had just paid more attention in her Mothers Seduction classes!

After much hinting and a few clues dropped Jackie finally came out and told the masseuse what she wanted. She guessed that if you had his looks you didn’t need brains. It couldn’t possibly be that her seductive techniques were too rusty.

Assured of some much-needed debauchery, Jackie relaxed back on the table and let her mind wander. The last few days had been very difficult. The arduous journey here, then having to identify the Chancellors remains, what was left of them anyway. The duty of seeing to their transport home was not an easy one. The other AC’s couldn’t begrudge her decision to stay a few extra days to recover.

It was amazing what the hotel would do to keep the Chancellors deaths quiet. They had given her the ‘Emperor’s Suite’. It was the best suite in the hotel. It almost outshone her own redecorated suite at DebU. It had a large hot tub in one corner, a stocked bar, a sitting/receiving room, a huge bed big enough for four and a view that was magnificent. Several servants were in attendance to help with any task. When Jackie hinted that some reporters had tried to question her about the deaths, the hotel had even given her some spending dinars. She had been quite lucky at the slot machines too. Enough to stake her in a high priced poker game later that night.

Many massaged and debauched hours later, the Acting Chancellor returned to her room for a rest and a quick jump in the hot tub before dressing for dinner. She did hesitate abit when she remembered how the Chancellors had died, but it was too tempting to resist. After a quick rest, Jackie dressed in a complementary purple toga from the expansive closet. The fabric draped her figure perfectly, leaving a large expanse of cleavage bare. Bare enough she hoped, to distract her fellow poker players later that evening.

The game she had scheduled was with some Chancellors from a rival university and was very high stakes. She looked forward to playing with some Chancellors, especially since these were male Chancellors. She hoped they would provide an interesting evening. Perhaps she would even invite them for a consolatory romp in her hot tub after the game. She didn’t have much doubt that she would be victorious, if she could beat the God of War at poker, a few male Chancellors didn’t stand a chance…

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