** interlude #2 **

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** interlude #2 **
October 17 2002 at 7:38 AM
from the same dark place 

“What’s the matter, Tom? Aren’t you enjoying the work?”

“Entirely. But I’m stuck.”

“Killer’s block?”

“Well, in my case, torturer’s block but, yeah. I mean, I could give ‘em corn-on-the-cob treatment, or cranberry sauce, but both of those are boiling tortures. I’d be repeating again.”

“I see your dilemma. And squash…”

“…gets squashed. That’d be three times for that one.”

The dastardly duo sat in quiet contemplation.

“Pumpkin pie?”

“I suppose I could scoop out some brains, but I think they were grossed out enough by the sluicing-juicing cider bit.”

“At least axzombie would ask for seconds.”

“True. Speaking of axes, I should have started earlier in the process; lopped off Cathbad’s head and then let him watch while I cooked his body.”

“Ah! You’ve been watching Re-animator!”

“I do my homework. I could have let them feel what it was like to be plucked from the cornstalk, or ripped from the protective soil, but transmigration is your thing this year, anyway.”

“Well, I’m transmigrating them before death,” corrected HoD. “But the concept is the same, yes.”
He nodded his head slowly.

“Tom; you’ve done a bang-up job on your own. But maybe you should shift gears now.”

“Shift gears?”

“Yes. Let the ghosts have their karaoke and cake. You can help me with the main killings. There are some big jobs coming up. And you know how long my list is.”

“Well, I do have some small ideas.”

Tom leaned over and whispered one such idea to HoD.

And HoD grinned. 
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