Walking among the booths...

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Walking among the booths...

October 2 2006 at 4:27 PM

Calee weighed her options.

"Death by hanging...nah, that could leave a permenant mark," she thought to herself. "How about poison? No, some of those can be very nasty!"

Wondering if anyone had chosen yet she looked around, but didn't see anyone committing themselves to any particular death.

"The go-kart track looks like it might be fun, but I don't want to have missing teeth when I show up at the after-death party," she mused. "It would make it hard to eat the goodies that Harby has every year!"

"Hmmmmmmm...I wonder what that is over there?" she wondered.

In the middle of the court yard is a glass room with chairs inside. Wondering what that could be Calee decided to investigate. Walking through the crowd was getting a bit difficult so she decided to walk next to the wall.

"Looks like someone started painting this wall red," she thought to herself as she walked.

Suddenly she heard a loud crack and felt something hit her cheek. Touching her cheek she looked at her hand and saw a little bit of blood.

"What the...."

"Hey boys, we've got a live one here! She didn't even ask for a cigarette or blind fold!"

Looking up Calee saw several uniformed soldiers with rifles...aimed right at her!

"WAIT!" Calee screamed as she ducked and ran forward. Just then there was another crack, this time from in front of her. Realising that it was a bullet hitting the wall she turned and ran the other way.

"STOP! I HAVEN'T PICKED YET!" she yelled.

"Looks like she's going to give us a bit of sport." the leader of the armed men laughed. "First one to get her wins a shiny new medal!"

As soon as the announcement left his lips bullets really started flying. Running back and forth, ducking and weaving, Calee felt like a duck in a shooting gallery.

Deciding to make a run for it, Calee stood up straight and sprinted for the far side of the wall. Just as she was almost at the end she felt a searing heat in her chest. Soon after she felt herself being riddled with bullets, watching as blood spurted from so many wounds. As she fell forward, hand clasping her chest, she saw the soldiers giving each other high fives.

Her last thought before dying was:

"Well, I guess I'm the first one to die this year...."

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