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Please note: Shoshana is archiving the HoD Files for the Harbinger of Death.

This does not mean she wrote the Harbinger of Death stories.

The actual person behind the mask is an anonymous, talented Deb.


'Tis the Season HoD 1999
Silver Screen HoD 2000
The Return of HoD HoD 2001
Natural Order HoD 2002
7 Deadly Sins HoD 2003
Maulympics HoD 2004
Holidays Gone Deadly HoD 2005
DeathFest HoD 2006
All Good Things HoD 2007


How did you meet your demise?
The who and where guide to the annual bloodfest.
1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
Aeaea Aeaea Aeaea Aeaea Aeaea Aeaea Aeaea  Antares
ahnjunae Alura Aeakos Aeakos Aeakos Aeakos Aeakos  Aphrael
Alayna AmAzOn Alayna Aeakos Amyrlin Amyrlin Alura  Aquillea
Alura Amyrlin Alura AmAzOn aneXa Antares Amyrlin  Astraea 
AmAzOn aneXa AmAzOn Amyrlin Antares Aphrael  Antares  axman
aneXa Antares Amyrlin aneXa Aphrael Aquillea Aphrael  Beck
Antares Aquila aneXa Antares Aquillea ax Aquillea  Bt
Aphrael Beck Antares Aquillea Astraea Beck Astraea  Calee
Astraea Birdly Aphrael Aquillea axman Big Country Axman  Calico
Baucis Bluetopaz Aquila Astraea Beck Bird Beck  Castalia
Birdly Calee Aquillea axman Birdly Bluetopaz Birdly  CJ
Blackstar Castalia Astraea axman Bluetopaz Calee Bluetopaz  Cyranose
Bluetopaz Cathbad Axman Beck Calee Calico Calee  Dixie
Bona Dea  Circe Beck Birdly Calico Castalia Calico  DT
Calamity-jcck CJ Bertram Birdly Castalia  Cathbad Castalia  E!
Calee Cleya Birdly Bluetopaz Cathbad Channdrah  Cathbad  Emerald 
Castalia Eeyoraus Bluetopaz Bt Channdrah Circe Channdrah  Euri
Cathbad Feonix Calee Calee Circe CJ Circe  FMN
Chaska Shell Flipper Calico Calico CJ Daemon CJ HoneyBunch
Cleya Helle Castalia Castalia Daemon Darksayn Cyranose  Kat 
da Rats Jackie Cathbad Castalia Dixie Dixie Daemon  Keleos
dolittle Kat Channdrah Cathbad Dream Traveler Dreamtraveler Danae  Kym 
Echos Kel Circe Cathbad Eeyoraus Eeyoraus Dixie  Ladybug
Euterpe KhanMan CJ Channdrah Emerald FaithAyn DreamTraveler Lorel
Exalis Ladybug Cleya Channdrah Euridyses Flipper Eeyoraus  Maigrey
Forget Me Not Letheia Daemon Circe Exalis ForgetMeNot Emerald  Mania
Geminia Lil Dream Traveler  CJ Faith Ayn greenie Feonix  Manto
Hebea Lupus Eeyoraus CJ Feonix Heraclid Flipper  OmarSnake
Heraclid lurkers Euridyses Daemon Flipper HoneyBunch  ForgetMeNot  Quietfire
Jackie Lyric Euterpe Daemon Forget Me Not Innocent Hebea  Sairah
Jerry Helper Maigrey Exalis DreamTraveler HanSolo Jackie Heraclid  Shambalayogi 
Katelin Mania Faith Ayn Eeyoraus Hebea Kalypso HoneyBunch Shoshana
Keleos Manto Feonix Emerald Heraclid Kat Innocent  Shou Lao
KhanMan Nydiva Forget Me Not Euridyses Honey Bunch Keleos Jackie  Tern
Kimba Omar Hebea Exalis Innocent Keleos Kat   
Lady Pegasus Orlena Helle Feonix Intrigue Keridon Keleos   
Ladybug Rhianna Heraclid FMN Jackie KhanMan Kendaa   
Letheia Sha’oori Jackie Hebea Kalypso Kymscrazy KhanMan   
Lizard King SheElf Kat Heraclid Kat  Kymscrazy  Kymscrazy   
Lonesome Dove Shiva Keleos Honey Bunch Keleos Ladybug Ladybug   
lurkers Shoshana Kendaa Innocent KhanMan Lil Lorel   
Lyric Stripe KhanMan Intrigue Kymscrazy Lorel Lyrical   
Mallenia Tori Kimba Intrigue Lady Pegasus Lyrical Maigrey  
Mania warrior-bard Kymscrazy Jackie Ladybug Maigrey Mania   
Manto Wikewike Lady Pegasus Kalypso Lessa Mania Manto   
Nanaea Yvenna Ladybug Kalypso Letheia Manto Nydiva   
Nydiva   Letheia Kat Lil Nydiva OmarSnake   
Omar   Lil Kat Lorel Nyghtcaster Paladin   
Orlena   Lizard King KateP Lurkers Omar Psamanthe   
Paksmrbk   Lonesome Dove KateP Maigrey OwlHarp PtheticLosr   
Paladin   Lorel Keleos Mania PtheticLosr Quietfire   
Perrin   lurkers Keleos Manto Quietfire Redfurdolphin   
Persephy   Lyric Kendaa Melly_Vanelly Redfurdolphin RedStorm   
Puppy   Lyrical Kendaa Nanaea RedStorm Sairah   
Red Storm   Maigrey KhanMan Nydiva Sairah SaraQuinn   
Robert   Mania kymscrazy NyghtCaster  Shamba Shamba   
Seria   Manto Ladybug OmarSnake Shiva Shiva   
Sha’oori   Maurice Letheia Owlharp Shoshana Shoshana   
Shoshana   Nanaea Lil Paladin ShouLao ShouLao   
ShouLao   Nydiva LizardKing Pandora Stripe Stripe   
Tern   OmarSnake LonesomeDove PtheticLosr TabuMinstrel Tori  
Tori   Orlena Lorel Quietfire Tern Usagi   
Tyrus Heart   Owlharp Lorel Red Storm Tori Yvenna   
Wandering Gypsy   Paladin Lorelei ReverseFlash Usagi    
Wild Kat   PtheticLosr Lorelei RhodesRules Yvenna     
    Puppy lurkers Sairah      
    Raindrop Lyric Sha’oori      
    Red Storm Lyric Shadywood      
    redshirts Lyrical Shambalayogi      
    Robinsnest Lyrical Shiva      
    Roiche Lyrical Shoshana      
    Sairah Maigrey ShouLao      
    Shambalayogi Maigrey Skeezix      
    She Elf Mania Stripe      
    Shiva Manto TabuMinstrel      
    Shoshana Manto Tern       
    Shou Lao Manto Tori      
    Stripe Nydiva Yvenna      
    TabuMinstrel  Omar        
    Tern OmarSnake        
    Thalia Orlena        
    Tori Orlena        
    Whisper Owlharp        
    Wikewike Paladin        
    Yvenna Pandora        
      Red Storm        






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