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posted October 23, 1999 01:09 AM   

If you don't feel like wading through loads of detail, feel free to hit the back button now! Now even though I wrote down all I could, I'm positive that I missed stuff, so please don't be offended, and feel free to make additions or changes!

October 17, 1999

Okay, now for Sunday. Well, my own personal day started off kinda weird. I went down to the hotel gift shop to pick up some mints, water, and miscellaneous junk, and the cashier lost my credit card. Well, fantastic. I was starving, but I paid with a different card, went back up to my room, canceled my card, and finally went back down to eat. I waited in the restaurant for 15 minutes to get coffee and another 15 minutes for my server to check to see if I actually wanted to eat (by this time I was hungry and irked). Finally I grabbed a glass of juice and a pastry and was almost done with that when hubby and his buddy sauntered in, so I grabbed a plateful of carbs and fat and ate with them too! Then I went upstairs, got ready and was down by 11:30 to head over to the Con. Luckily AW was down too, 'cause Cass, 'shana, and Kendaa had gotten out of bed late and were nowhere near ready. AW and I went into the restaurant so she could have breakfast. We had a lovely talk (no, I didn't eat again, but I did have tea!)! She is just a wonderful, lovely person! After breakfast we arranged to meet Kendaa, 'shana, and Cass at the Con, so we hauled ourselves off to the trolleys.

The day started with a video welcome to the Con by Renee O. That was nice, but I kinda wondered why it was on Sunday.

Next came a Salute to Hercules to the tune of I Need a Hero. This was great! Kevin was fantastic in it!

Then was the trivia contest. Illusia stumped them with a question. It was actually pretty fun to watch. I can see why Creation puts their focus on X:WP. Even with the trivia contests, there were hardly any H:TLJ fans to contribute. Same goes for the costume contest and the min bid auctions. Of course, I'm a relative Con newbie, so who can say which came first, the chicken or the egg, cause and effect or effect and cause.

They showed some Strife clips which were pretty good, and then it was on to the first guest of the day, Joel Tobeck! He thanked the crowd for coming to the Con and for coming to the Cabaret. It was pretty obvious that he was proud of their performance. It was also obvious that he was beat.


Somebody asked how his mom was. -- Mom is good.

What is his natural hair color? -- Brown with a bit of gray.

Will he be doing more Lawless? -- Maybe in March.

Is he doing anything else? -- He just started Cleopatra. He plays a bad guy.

What about the boots he wears in Lawless? -- They're terrible!

How did he like doing Mick Jagger last night? -- Loved it! Had a blast!

Will Channeling Baby be coming to the U.S.? -- Maybe, if they get enough requests for it.

What is it like to kiss Kevin? -- He kissed the microphone and seductively said "Cheers Mate." He says he has great lips, and it really only took them three to four takes plus the rehearsal. His lips got pretty swollen (ha ha). The only other time he kissed a guy was a friend of his named Oliver, and Oliver slipped him the tongue. He spent the rest of the scene gagging. LOL!

How do they do the great flying through the air after a punch scenes? -- They use something called a ratchet. They harness them into it and lift away..

Could he do his Strife laugh? -- He did it.

What is his favorite Young Hercules ep? -- The one where he does the Desmond dance. It was lots of fun.

How did he manage the nipple grab in Fade Out? -- They used padding in the costume.

What is his favorite Prince song? -- Purple Rain or maybe Love Sexy.

Why did he keep retuning his guitar after every song last night? -- His strings are old. His G and B strings always go out. He talked about going to a shop in SF and buying a new guitar.

He was asked to do the Deimos tongue thing. -- He did it.

Has he done anything lately with Dean O'Gorman? -- He just did a TV movie where Dean plays his brother.

How old is he? -- 28 years old and lazy. LOL!

Is he going to pursue a career in music? -- No. He's not willing to push guitar playing, 'cause actors wanting to be musicians is kinda sad.

Has he ever done "trash" theater (theater sports)? -- He did some with Kevin. It was fun, but hard. There are no rules in trash theater.

What is his favorite TV show ever? -- Faulty Towers.

What does he draw from for the character Strife? -- Well, he's not so outrageous in real life (to which everyone guffawd). A lot of influences came from Rowen Atkinson and Jim Carey.

How is Strife different now? -- He was more tame in the beginning.

What is it like working with Meighan Desmond? -- She is tame and very sweet. A lovely person.

Then there was some sports talk, blah, blah, blah... I don't understand any of it and don't pretend to.

What was his favorite roll outside of his H:TLJ roles? -- Lawless role. He enjoys playing bad guys because they get to do whatever they want, but each role he's had was great. He's just grateful for the work!

Does he play any sports? -- He just started playing snooker (pool). He's doing okay, but his girlfriend is great. He loves football and cricket, though. He likes the one day games. After four or five days of cricket, it gets old.

What is the reaction of his friends regarding his U.S. fans? -- They feel the U.S. fans are very intense. Intense, but good. He was not brought up to take over the world, so it seems very intense, but great!

What was his best musical gig? -- Last night.

What does he think of Lucy Lawless? -- He first met her in 1984/85, and he worked with her in a production of "Peach" in 1993. She's nice. She has such a presence and is gorgeous on TV.

Which is his favorite costume? -- The Deimos costume. It's funky. It was his idea for the Bon Jovi tassels.

Does he have any plans to make a CD or tape? -- No.

When does Cleopatra start? -- January.

What does he think the differences are between Young Hercules, H:TLJ, and Cleopatra? -- Young Hercules has a lighter energy. There are a lot of people working on Cleopatra that worked on Young Hercules.

What does he think of working with Michael Hurst? -- Michael has loads of energy. He's great!

Then it was time for him to go, so he thanked the audience, and said thanks for watching.

Actually, Joel did a very nice job. I wish I had been able to see him when he wasn't so tired!

Next were the Top Ten Scenes of X:WP. This was a different one from Saturday, and I liked it much better. Many more of the top ten that I would have chosen.

Salute to Joxer to the tune of Everything I do. It was a lovely video, but kind of more about Gabby and Joxer than just Joxer. I suppose that's okay, considering his role. Anyway, it was a lot more respectful than some of the things they could have done.

No minimum bid auction was next, which I missed because we were calling AmAzOn! What fun! It was AW, Kendaa, Cass, 'shana, and myself! It was lovely to hear her voice and really made us wish she were with us!

Xena blooper real which I also missed. Actually, they had unintentionally (or intentionally) shown this on Saturday too, so no biggie.

End of part four (I did no editing, so if there are misspellings or grammatical errors, oh
well! ).

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