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... is a simplified hypertext language used on Ultimate Bulletin Board sites, like StudiosUSA. It's very similar to HTML, except that there are fewer commands and instead of < and >  symbols around commands, you use square brackets. [ and ].


UBB is not case sensitive, ie [b] and [B] will work the same

don't put spaces in - [i]italicize[/i] not  [i] italicize [/i]

Don't forget the end slash "/" at the end of a UBB command.

Smiley Faces:

:) will give you smile.gif (93 bytes)

;) will give you wink.gif (135 bytes)

:D will give you biggrin.gif (135 bytes)

:( will give you frown.gif (94 bytes)

:o will give you redface.gif (136 bytes)

for more information see the StudiosUSA forum FAQ regarding smilies

Formatting Text:

[b]if you want bold text[/b]

[i]to italicize text[/i]

The next two are kinda funky, they will insert either the word "code" or "quote", then a line, then your text, then another line ...

[code]to make your enclosed words look like this[/code]

[quote]for placing quotes in your post[/quote]

Inserting Pictures:

[img]put the picture address here and the picture will post[/img]

note *please* do not link to any picture on the web that does not specifically say that it's ok to link to. It can make web hosting sites way too busy ...and the webmaster will have big problems ...

Adding Links:

[url]http://put a link address here[/url]

[email]put email address here[/email]


And that's 'bout all there is to it ...

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