All Debs Are Equal, But Some ..

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"All Debs Are Equal, But Some Debs Are More Equal Than Others"
by Lamdba

Lambda (and if you don't know who that really is by now, go back and read some old threads) milled around the party, keeping a wary eye and making sure to keep far away from Cathbad.

How could the debs fall for such a blatant power play? Mostly, they didn't care, probably. One corrupt leader is as good as another. This would NOT be tolerated. Surely the corrupt Omar Snake administration would survive... in fact, Lambda was determined to make darn sure it did!

What could be done? Obviously, this was a scheme to take over the University, probably permanently. A scam, sending the chancellors away (along with the robot O.M.A.R.)....

Lambda thought about the laboratory where O.M.A.R. was stored. There were at least a half-dozen prototype robot Omar duplicates there. With a little work, they could be formed into an unstoppable robot army to take over the ---- nah, too much effort involved in that.

Instead, Lambda started circulating through the party, dropping by tables where the debs were devouring the free food.
"I can't believe what Jackie said about BT's hair today, can you?" Lambda asked under her breath.
"What?" several nearby debs asked.
"Oh, never mind," Lambda said with a grin, leaving that group of debs and sliding up beside another group.
"You haven't heard anything about Orlena saying something really catty about Antares's new outfit, have you?" Lambda asked.
"No, like what?" a deb asked.
Lambda shrugged and moved on to another group....

Posted on Aug 25 1999, 11:26 PM

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