The Choice

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The Choice
by Mania

"It is our goal to make your stay here at DebU an enjoyable one. I know that lately your concerns have been largely ignored. No longer! Please consider us at your disposal."

Jackie's stirring words echoed through Mania's brain as she brandished her own favorite stirring spoon over the kitchenette sink in the Deb U basement.

"Consider us at your disposal," she mused, staring into the black drain with the mysterious rubber teeth at the bottom of the sink.

"Should I be a CAA," she wondered, "or should I stick this spoon down there and see what happens?"

Her eyes glazed over as she thrust the silverware down the hole and flicked the switch . . .

Clearly not cut out for this job <g>

Posted on Aug 25 1999, 07:28 PM

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