The CAP (part1 teaser) by Bt

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The CAP (part1 teaser)
by Bt

“GBt?” Shana, Bt’s great-granddaughter knocked quietly, on the partially open office door.

“Shana?” came the slightly muffled reply from behind a mountain of paper, “Come on in, if you can find where in is.” Bt. continued. “I don’t know why I even bother with this! The stack gets higher and higher and there’s never a chancellor around to sign off on it even if I do all the processing,” the exasperated CA said as a large pile of papers obeyed the, as yet undiscovered law of gravity, and slid silently towards the floor. It never quite made it since it landed on another stack which caused another mini paper slide almost burying Lucky The Wonder Dog who was trying to catch a quick nap before lunch. The Wonder Dog gave her human a reproachful look and retreated to another corner of the room settling back down with an audible grumbling sigh.

“I’m afraid I’ve got another one to add to your stack.” Shana said as she handed a scroll to Bt.

“Oooo, fancy!” Bt replied, looking at the ornate seal and purple silk ribbons that adorned the high quality parchment. Then, with out the slightest hesitation, she broke open the seal and began to scan the contents of the scroll which had clearly been addressed to “The Esteemed Chancellors of Debaucherette University”.

Shana, smiled a little remembering the shock she’d experienced the first time she’d seen GBt calmly reading the chancellor’s personal mail. Since then, she’d learned that this action was not so much a form of snooping, as she’d at first thought, but a necessity brought on by the chancellors almost compulsive disregard for the day to day operation of the institution they supposedly ran.

If the CAs had not, on their own volition, taken over most of the management, the university would have long ago collapsed into complete ruin. None the less, there were certain things which needed a chancellor’s signature and the pile of papers and scrolls on Bt’s desk and floor probably represented the current crop of items that fit that category. Lately, in a gesture of either co-operation or out right desperation the CAs had begun pooling the most urgent items and whenever one unfortunate chancellor was located, getting as many signatures as possible from the chancellor before writers cramp set in. Bt’s desk had, by common consent or perhaps a loosing night at cards, become the central repository for documents requiring signatures.

“This invitation almost sounds like one of Sal’s schemes,” Bt remarked. “Listen to this.” she continued. “The Acme 2000 Consortium for Higher Education invites the Esteemed Chancellors of Debaucherette University to our semi-annual symposium. Our theme for this summer’s series will be, “Strategies for Securing Government Grants”. Lectures, workshops and poster sessions will be presented to give YOU the edge in writing and receiving those all important government funds!

This year our symposium will be held at that fabulous resort facility in Lost Wages, “Julius’ Pleasure Palace”. (Under new management) Reservations required! Get yours in early - attendance limited to.....

That’s funny,” Bt murmured, “The line listing the number of attendees is all smeared. Oh, well, having the chancellors go off on another resort trip is the last thing we need right now.........or is it? Hmmmm....”

“GBt?” Shana inquired, a little worried at the far off look in her grandmother’s eyes.

“Hmm, what?” Bt came back to reality from whatever pleasant place she had been visiting.
“Shana, see how many CAs you can round up. Tell them to meet me here in 15 minutes. Move it girl! This is important!”

Posted on Jul 29 1999, 12:31 PM

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