HoD - It's my party and I'll die if I want to

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It's my party and I'll die if I want to
by Harbinger of Death

Even though most everyone was dead, Shoshana was in good spirits. She was determined to have a good Halloween party, and so she worked very hard to have it all set up, ready to go when the ghosts became people again.

She climbed a ladder to put up a huge banner across the gym. She’d spent hours painting it with ghoulish art and spooky letters. RETURN OF THE LIVING DEBS, it said. She was very proud of it. After she tacked up the final corner, she backed away to take a good look. “I am the banner queen of the world!” she said happily.

But whoops, there went a corner, and it started to fall. “No!” she cried, trying to catch it before it fell and crumpled too much. She had her arms full of paper, and soon it covered her and was wrapped around her several times.

“Now how did that happen?” She squirmed and wriggled and tried to free herself. But actually it seemed as though the paper was tightening around her. Really, really tight. “Ugh! I can’t breathe!” Shoshana struggled, but the more she did, the worse it got. It squeezed her lungs and covered her mouth and nose, muffling her cries for help and preventing her from breathing. Finally she fell to the ground and fought it less and less as she lost strength and consciousness. The banner was her doom.

Meanwhile, Forget Me Not and Lizard King were in the kitchen getting goodies ready, as Shoshana had directed them. FMN was stirring a giant pot of melted chocolate.

“These will be so yummy,” she said, staring into the swirling brown almost as though hypnotized.

“You better not get any ideas,” LK warned. “We’re supposed to pour them into the molds, you know.”

“I know. We’ll have hundreds of little chocolate ghosts and witches and mummies and bats and pumpkins. Pumpkins! I bet a pumpkin chocolate pie would be delicious.”

“Maybe. But we can’t do that right now. We’ve got to get these candies done or ‘shana will kill us.” [Ironic, isn’t it?]

“Can’t we just make them later?” FMN’s eyes glazed over. “We’ll just have these and then we’ll make some more.”

“I am not going to do this over again!” he asserted. “It’s taken us forever to melt these 195 bars of chocolate already!”

“But I want it!” She became defensive, almost hysterical.

“You can’t have it!”

“Yes, I can!” She practically growled at him, and he was surprised.

“Just gimme the spoon, hon,” he said, approaching her slowly.

“NO!” FMN yelled. “You....you can’t make me!” She was completely wild-eyed now.

“There will be more chocolate another time,” LK coaxed. “Put down the spoon and everything will be all right.”

“Don’t force me to use this!” She held the spoon in front of her, pleading, desperate, mad in her obsession. “You leave me no choice!” Dramatically she plunged the spoon into the pot. “See what you made me do!” she wailed, in anguish and demented satisfaction.

LK dove for the spoon and they struggled, knocking the pot over. The gallons of hot liquid chocolate spilled over them, burning them alive and encasing them in the sweetness. They were now giant goo-filled confections.

Posted on Oct 27 1999, 11:49 AM

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