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Trashy girls
by Harbinger of Death

With so many Debs dead and gone, those who remained were stuck with chores that normally did not fall to them. This time, it was Tori, Red Storm and Persephy that had to haul the cafeteria trash to the garbage bins in the basement.

“Man, I should have killed myself last week,” grumbled Tori.

“I don’t think it works that way,” said Red Storm. “I think he has to kill you or you don’t get to come back.”

“Maybe we should call his name and start teasing him so he gets mad and knocks us off,” suggested Persephy.

“I don’t know about that either. Maybe he’d kill us slowly and painfully then.” Red Storm stopped to get a better hold on the trash bags.

They dragged the garbage down and threw it into the bin. “That’s the last trip I’m making today,” Tori said. “Is everything in?”

“Ready,” Persephy said. “Go ahead and dump it.”

Tori pulled the lever that set the first bin into motion. A hole opened in the floor, the bin moved over it, and the bottom fell out to let the trash fall into the room below.

“Ready for number two,” said Tori, and she pulled the next lever. However, Persephy was not paying attention, and when the next hole opened, she was standing on it.

“AAAAAAAAH!” she yelled as she landed with a plop.

“Stop the bin!” Red Storm yelled, and tried to push it back before it covered the hole and covered Persephy in garbage.

Tori pushed the lever but nothing happened. “It’s too late, it’s already started!” She joined Red Storm in front of the bin, but of course the machine was stronger, and it pushed them in too. Thump, thump. They landed next to Persephy in the trash.

“Thanks a lot, guys,” Persephy said. “Fat lot of good you do me down here.”

“As if we wanted to fall,” Tori said. “We tried to help you, you know.”

“Let’s not fight,” said Red Storm. “We need to figure a way out of here. At least it’s not a compactor like in Star Wars.”

“No, but there’s gotta be a door.”

“There is, but it’s automated from the outside. The waste management people have to open it when they come to haul this stuff away.”

“When do they come?”

“Not til tomorrow.”

They sat in silence. The prospect of steeping in lemon rinds and curdled gravy for a whole day wasn’t a pleasant thought. “Can we climb out?” asked Red Storm.

“We can try,” said Tori, and they attempted to climb upon each other’s shoulders to reach the top. The trash was too slippery and they toppled over, unable to get a solid footing.

“This really stinks,” said Persephy.

“Yeah, I can’t believe this is happening.”

“No, I mean it really stinks. It smells disgusting in here.” She plugged her nose.

“I have an itch on my leg,” said Red Storm. She reached down and screamed. “There’s something on me!” Pulling up her pant leg, she saw a humongous leech. “Agh! Get it off!!!” She pulled at it, but the slimy thing was stuck tight to her skin.

“Uh-oh,” said Tori, as she began to inspect herself. She too had leeches on her, and so did Persephy.

“Ick! What do we do?” Persephy wailed.

“If we had salt or a candle or something we could get them off, but we don’t, so I don’t know if there’s anything we can do!” Red Storm hopped around doing an “icky” dance.

Truly they were helpless. As time went on, more and more leeches attached themselves to the poor girls, and sucked them dry of all their blood over the next few hours. When the garbage men came the next day, they found three deflated sacks of skin and bones among the refuse.

Posted on Oct 26 1999, 11:20 AM

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