The CAP: Ladybug and Lambda--Bosom Buddies

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The CAP: Ladybug and Lambda--Bosom Buddies
by Ladybug

Back at home, the other CAs were in full swing, taking advantage of their new positions with the chancellors gone. They were quite inventive in granting themselves the perks they’d always wanted; and, to be fair, that they’d always deserved, in light of the mostly-absentee chancellors.

But Ladybug sat in her room reading a book. In Omar’s absence she might grant herself certain privileges with Autolycus, but he was gone too. She couldn’t even go out with warrior-bard, as he had left campus. There was really nothing for her to do.

There was a knock on her door. “Come in,” she called.

Lambda stuck her head in. “Hope I’m not intruding,” said the gangly girl. “I just noticed you weren’t out with the others.”

“Not at all. Come on in, have a seat.” Ladybug was actually eager for a little company. “I was just about to make some popcorn. Want some?”

“I’d love some.” Lambda came in and plopped down on the sofa before recovering, quickly sitting up straight with her ankles crossed. “Actually I’m kind of surprised you’re here. Aren’t you supposed to be in Lost Wages?” She blurted it out before clapping her hand over her mouth.

Ladybug eyed her. “So, one of my mouthy compatriates has blabbed about that. Well, don’t let it get any further than this room. It was all for the good of the university.”

“I don’t understand.” Lambda was clearly curious.
“I can’t explain now. It’ll all become clear later.”

“I see. Well, if you aren’t with that handsome rogue Omar, then who is?”

“A friend.” Ladybug smiled.

“Aren’t you jealous?” Lambda said. “Why, if Omar were my man, I wouldn’t want anyone else near him!”

“I’m not jealous. She’s just doing me a favor for a while. Normally, I am quite territorial about him, yes.”

“I can’t blame you.” Lambda batted her eyes. “He’s quite a catch!”

“Listen, I don’t feel like hanging around here after all,” Ladybug said, suddenly depressed at the thought that Omar was somewhere having fun without her. “Would you like to go out to the Battlefield with me? I think they’ve re-opened it. Acting Chancellor privileges, you know. I just really feel like being around a lot of people right now.”

“Sure! I’m kind of new, you know. I need to meet everybody.”

“That’s the place for it. Let’s go.”
At the Battlefield, Ladybug and Lambda danced and talked and drank and soon became quite good friends. Lambda often tried to pry details of the CA’s activities from her, but Ladybug was tight-lipped even when inebriated. Too much was at stake.

“Care to dance?” came a voice from behind them when a slow song started. Cathbad put his hand on Lambda’s shoulder.

“Oh, no, I couldn’t,” Lambda said, pushing his hand away. “I can’t leave Ladybug alone.”

“You go on ahead, hon,” said the CA. “I don’t mind. And frankly,” she lowered her voice, “he’s been kinda droopy lately. He could use a little companionship.”

Cathbad took Lambda’s arm and led her to the dance floor, where she kept him at a more than respectable distance, looking worried. Ladybug wondered why she was so reluctant. Maybe Cath wasn’t her type. Oh well. She shrugged and downed a few more Apple Pucker shots.
It was later in her dorm room that Ladybug finally discovered why Lambda didn’t like dancing with Cathbad. They’d trudged back together after the Battlefield closed and now sat up talking, slumber-party style, all about their deepest secrets.

As she emptied her heart out to this new girl, being slightly melodramatic due to the alcohol in her system, Lambda listened sympathetically.

“And so that’s how I knew he was the one,” Ladybug said, waving her glass in the air. “He’s the best friend a guy could ever have. I mean a girl. I’m the girl. He’s the guy. And he’s off running around with that hussy! I mean, I made her do it, but still!” She sniffled.

“It’s all right, dear,” Lambda said. “He’s devoted to you. He’d never run out on you.” She crossed her fingers behind her back.

“But he thinks she’s me!” Ladybug wailed. “I him so much....”

Lambda, full of compassion for the girl, forgot herself for a moment, and leaned over to give Ladybug a kiss.

Ladybug was surprised. It’s not like she hadn’t kissed a girl before (don’t ask), but this was different. A lightbulb went on over her head and everything fell into place. With her new knowledge, she decided to have a little fun with Lambda.

And she kissed her back. Hard.

Lambda realized then what was happening and pulled back. “I’m sorry,” she gasped.

“Why?” Ladybug said. “You care about me, I care about you. Don’t you think all of us CAs comfort each other this way when our men have left us?”

“I, I, I didn’t know that.” Lambda’s mind was racing. “Do you really?” In spite of herself, she was extremely intrigued.

“Sure. I can even call Bird in here. We train the new CAs all the time.” Ladybug kissed the “girl” again.

Lambda was trying desperately to find an out. “What about Omar? I thought you said you were faithful to him.”

“It doesn’t count if it’s a girl, silly.” She licked Lambda’s ear.

Lambda was tempted. Really, really tempted. This was a side of Ladybug she’d never known about. Oh, what she’d missed! But no--if they got involved then she’d have to disrobe and then everything would be discovered. She jumped up. “I have to go! I, uh, have to wash my hair!”

“I’ll wash it for you, darlin,” Ladybug drawled.

“No, no, no, I have to go, there are so many things I have to do, I’m really sorry, I’ll see you tomorrow, have a nice night!” SLAM went the door, and she was gone.

Ladybug waited for a moment before doubling over in laughter. ‘So we’re playing that kind of game, are we?’ she thought to herself. ‘Wait til the other CAs hear about this!’

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