The CAP: More redecorating

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The CAP: More redecorating
by C. A. Jackie

Jackie surveyed the bits of debris and clutter piled throughout her suite. Taking over the vacant rooms next door was an inspired idea she thought. It gave her plenty of room for the additions she had planned. Let’s see…the huge hot tub, expanding her bedroom area, that special room in the back with the wall attachments…

Jackie paused in her daydreams to watch a burly worker carry out a section of what use to be the dividing wall. She had to admit that the workers from the village were doing a great job. Since pulling them away from other, less important, jobs around campus, the work on her suite had progressed nicely. Perhaps when they were finished she’d invite them to take a break with her in the new hot tub. She grinned, it was certainly big enough to hold them all. It had been awhile since she had debauched, and as Acting Chancellor, it was her duty to set an example for the students. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for her university.

The door banged open as Manto rushed in followed by an exhausted looking Feonix carrying blueprints. Manto managed to pause long enough to give a seductive look at one of the workers.

‘Mom! Leave my workers alone! Don’t you have enough men?’ Manto rolled her eyes to show her daughter how foolish that statement was. ‘Jackie, I think you need to take some of my classes over. At this rate you’ll be single forever.’

Before an argument could ensue, Feonix called their attention to the blueprints he had spread out over Jackie’s table. Manto showed her plans to Jackie, ‘What do you think of this? Too much?’

‘No,’ Jackie said, ‘I think the potted plants are a good touch. Moving from your bushes to your suite is a big step. The plants will make your ‘guests’ feel right at home. And I like the way they separate the bedroom from the outer area.’

They went on to discuss the various additions to Manto’s suite. ‘What’s this change?’ Jackie questioned. ‘Umm, that’s just a useless door I want taken out.’ Manto hedged. Studying the plans, Jackie realized which door it was.

‘Mother. You are ‘not’ taking out the door between Paladins room and yours!’ ‘Why not? It’s always open anyway. Besides, I want him as my second assistant – it’ll make it easier for him to…assist me.’

‘I don’t even have ‘one’ assistant yet and you want not only two, but two HUNTERS?’ fumed Jackie. Manto made an attempt to calm her daughter, ‘Pal is off travelling again, so it’s a mute point right now.’

Feonix again interrupted a burgeoning argument. He had been poking around Jackie’s suite, curious about what changes she had planned. ‘What’s that small room at the back for?’ ‘Er…it’s going to be my storage room’ Jackie answered. ‘Why does it need soundproofing?’ Feonix asked.

Jackie evaded the question by pushing Manto and Feonix outside to the hall. The workers had resumed banging on the wall and it was hard to hear. Ignoring Feonix’s question, Jackie gave her mother a quick hug and told her that she would send the worker’s over to start on her room after they had completed everything she needed them to. Jackie went to get the workers some lemonade as Manto and Feonix left.

Manto seemed lost in thought, ‘Feonix? I’ve had you ‘assisting’ me day and night. I think you need a rest. Why don’t you relax for a bit in your room? I’ll let you know when I need you again.’ With a halfhearted protest, Feonix turned towards his room. Perhaps a quick nap would restore his strength. He never realized how taxing a CAA’s job was.

Manto headed in the opposite direction. Maybe a quick visit with Ares was in order. Jackie and Calee had already gotten his promise of help, but it couldn’t hurt to ‘convince’ him some more…

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