The CAP: Sisters

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The CAP: Sisters...
by Bird on behalf of Ladybug

Ladybug has had to take a brief sabbatical & has asked me to post this portion of the story for her. She is the author. Please read & enjoy...comments *ARE* appreciated!

Bird and Ladybug looked over the master plans to the new mansion that was in the works.

"This looks great," Bird observed. "See how they have the hot tub room and the automatic grape-peeler all set up."

"I wish they'd had those when I was that level," said Ladybug, shaking her head. "These new Debs won't appreciate how good they've got it."

"The automatic is only for the mansion. You know they've still gotta peel grapes for the rest of us." Bird giggled.

"And I sure am in the mood for a gallon or two of grape juice!" Ladybug laughed. But then she swooned and gripped the edge of the table. Her sister caught her arm.

"Are you all right?" She was concerned.

"Sure, I'm fine. Just need to have a lie-down and I'll be sound as a pound." Ladybug smiled, and turned to go back to her own room. But the room spun and turned dark, and the last thing she heard was her sister's voice calling her name.

When she awoke, she saw the plain white ceiling and walls of the infirmary. Bird sat at her side. "How do you feel?" Bird asked.


"I'm not surprised. You've had a relapse. I told you that you should have rested more after you were sick before. You pushed yourself and didn't give your body enough time to recuperate."

"There was too much going on. I had to get everything in place. Have we heard from Rose?"

"Yes," said Bird. "Everything is going according to plan. Which means that you can rest now. We'll take care of it until you get well."

"I am well," said Ladybug stubbornly. "Help me up."

"Not a chance." Bird was firm. "I love you too much to listen to you."

"You don't make any sense," Ladybug grumbled.

"Do too, and you know it. They'll keep you here overnight and then you can go back to your room."

"What about Lambda?"

"She'll probably visit you now and then, if she gets any time. The other CAs are using her brutally."

"She deserves it. And worse. When I get well, I swear I'll...."

"Nevermind that, just get well first." Bird tucked her in. "We'll all still be here. Don't worry."

Ladybug sighed and closed her eyes, and in a moment she was fast asleep. Well, the world would keep spinning without her. So would the web woven by her friends to ensnare the chancellors.

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