The Cap (Me, My Sis & My Guy)-part 2

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The Cap (Me, My Sis & My Guy)-part 2
by Bird

With the plans in place, the next step was to get Chancellor Omar to the Chancellor's meeting. Bird stopped by her sister's room again and was happy to see that she looked more energetic. She could tell she still needed some rest before she was back to normal though.

After a lengthy discussion, Bird left her sister to seek out The Sov. She headed for their room. Bird opened the door and called out for him. Sammy came running from the bedroom, jumping up on Bird and giving her a big sloppy kiss of welcome.

Bird hugged and petted Sammy and said to her, "Where's The Sov?" Sammy bolted for the bedroom.

Bird walked in and a huge smile played across her face. Her eyes took in a most spectacular view starting at the foot of the bed and panning upwards.

She saw the backs of well muscled, glistening calves up to the top of toned and lightly haired thighs, a sheet wrapped tightly around his middle, then a broad, luscious back and two wonderfully strong arms hugging a fluffy pillow. The Sov's face was at rest, caught in a deep sleep. Bird sighed and took a few minutes to stare at her lover.

It wasn't often she got to gaze at him looking so innocent. Sighing, Bird went over and kissed him lightly on the lips.He awoke and immediately grabbed Bird, drawing her down onto the bed with him.

Bird eagerly kissed him back, laughing because his beard and mustache tickled her lips. She knew there was work to be done so she reluctantly pushed him away, and started telling him about her visit with her sister, Ladybug.

Still half asleep and grumbling because he wanted to go back to bed, The Sov started to get dressed. Bird sat down, grabbing a quill and some papyrus, and started to make up a list of things they would need to pull off their part of the plan.

The Sov pulled out his chronos stone and saying a quick goodbye, disappeared in a bright flash. Bird knew that
he'd be back soon with their ammunition. In no time at all, The Sov reappeared and the plan was in motion. Bird headed off towards Chancellor Omar's office, hoping to catch him in.

She reached the door and used her key to gain entry. Peaking inside, she smiled to see him sitting at his desk.
Turning around, she motioned and her sister, Ladybug joined her.

The two sisters entered, and a startled Omar looked up, smiling when he saw his two assistants. Of course, he always smiled whenever he saw his favorite, Ladybug.

Standing up, Omar said, "What a pleasant surprise. What are you two up to?" Smiling at one another, Ladybug walked around behind the desk and gave the Chancellor a tight hug, kissing him on the lips. Omar kissed her back, enjoying the brief respite from his endless piles of work that he had neglected for too long.

Knowing the two sisters as well as he did, he was a bit suspicious that they had shown up together. They usually took turns at their assistant jobs, giving one another breaks from their duties. Omar knew that Bird had been in the office recently because he'd seen her forged signature of his on many documents, all filed and put in order.

Chancellor Omar said, "What are you two up to?" Ladybug walked behind him and began giving him a soothing shoulder massage. She said innocently, "Nothing. Why would you think we're up to anything? We're just here to help you relax a little bit. We know how overworked you are."

Omar closed his eyes for a moment and began to relax a bit under the experienced fingers of LB. Bird spoke, "By the way, are you planning on attending the Chancellor's meeting?"

Omar said ,"No I'm not. I'm up to my eyeballs in paperwork here and I need to get this back under control." Bird and LB looked at one another, silently sending signals back and forth. They knew they absolutely *had* to get Omar to the meeting.

Ladybug leaned over and loudly whispered into Omar's ear, "Don't you think it would be nice to have more money in the coffers? We could get some of those 'toys' we talked about." Omar looked at LB and said, "More money? Is that the topic of the Chancellor's meeting?"

Sensing some hesitation, LB rubbed his shoulders some more and said, "Yes, and I'll even go with you if you'd like. Bird can cover my workload while I'm gone. You don't mind, do you Bird?" Bird shook her head "No" and said, "Remember Omar, it's your turn to chair this meeting so you have to go anyway."

That was enough to convince the Chancellor and he readily agreed to attend the Chancellor's meeting. He rubbed his hands together in delight, thinking about what he could buy with some of the new influx of money that he'd learn how to make for the university.

Arm in arm, Chancellor Omar and LB headed off for the meeting...

To be continued...

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