The Cap (Me, My Sis & My Guy)

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The CAP (Me, My Sis & My Guy)
by Bird

Bird hurried away from the meeting, contemplating all she had heard. With Nydiva entertaining Apollo, Morpheus and Iolaus, Mom consulting with Moira and feeding Zeus, Antares had a direct line to Hades, Kel was contacting Hera, Jackie and Calee were working on Ares, and The Sov would be very helpful with all of his other-worldly contacts, Bird figured they had the situation well in hand.

Bird figured her sister would want to get in on the planning, so she rushed over to Ladybug's room. Knocking on the door, Bird stood and waited. There was no response. Bird knocked again, and this time a very tired Ladybug opened the door. She hadn't been feeling well lately and Bird knew she had missed the meeting to get some much needed rest.

The sisters hugged and Bird began to fill her sister in on the plan. Putting their heads together, the two amazon sisters came up with a great idea that they knew would help their cause.

Smiling, Bird wished her sister a good night's sleep and went on her way back to her dorm room and her awaiting roommate, The Sov.

A very impatient Sov was waiting for Bird when she got back to her room. Grumbling, he asked what had taken her so long to talk with her sister. He mumbled, "I missed you. Can you tell?"

Bird looked around and noticed vanilla scented candles lit, the bed covers turned down and a bottle of massage oil opened on the bedside table.

Smiling from ear to ear, Bird said "I guess you did miss me. Maybe I should stay away more often." The Sov didn't like that and grabbed Bird by the hand, drawing her over towards the bed.

The next morning, Bird made a sumptuous breakfast for The Sov, consisting of fluffy pancakes with real maple syrup, butter,  strawberries and ham. The Sov had a hearty appetite, and after the trouble he went through the night before to make a delicious evening, Bird figured she should make his morning special too.

Sitting down to breakfast, Bird took a big plump strawberry and popped it into The Sov's mouth. Some juice oozed out the side of his mouth and Bird bent over to lick it off. Of course, The Sov grabbed Bird and gave her a big kiss.

Bird finally pushed away and said, "We've got to talk about our plan and I need your help." She proceeded to tell The Sov all about her plan and he agreed to help with his contacts.

The wheels were in motion...

To be continued.


Posted on Aug 12 1999, 07:54 AM

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