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Pink lemonade
by Harbinger of Death

“How much lemonade will this make, exactly?” asked Puppy as she hauled baskets of lemons to the squeezing room.

“Not near as much as we wish it would,” Alura said.

“I love lemonade,” said Mallenia. “I don’t mind it.”

“Whatever,” the other girls sighed.

“Here, help me dump this basket in.”

“It’s too heavy!”

“Put your back into it.”

“Oh, that’s better. Heave!”

They managed to get the last bushels into the lemon press. “There, that should do it.” Puppy pushed the button to start it going, but nothing happened.

“Hey, what’s the problem?” Mallenia asked.

“I think there’s a lemon stuck in the mechanism,” Alura said, peering inside. “Oh wow, there’s tons of them stuck. I’m going to need some help.” She hopped in the vat and reached up inside the gears to pull out lemons that were keeping it from working.

“Are you sure that’s safe?” asked Puppy.

“It’s fine. Just turn it on ‘off’ and come in here and help me.”

They climbed in with her and pulled lemons out left and right. They were like tribbles, stuck in all over the place. Finally the last lemon came free.

“There,” said Mallenia. “Let’s get out of this thing. It’s giving me the creeps.” But just then the machine went into motion, and the press started to come down over the vat.

“Oh no!” they cried, and tried to make it out, but there was no room for them to get past the huge plate. It came down slower and slower. They called for help, but no one could hear, and soon it squished and squeezed them until there were gallons of bloody lemonade in the receptacles below.

Posted on Oct 26 1999, 11:18 AM

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