The CAP (Something's Cooking) by Nydiva

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The CAP (Something's Cooking)
by Nydiva

Just after the CAP Meeting...

Nydiva left Bt's office, frowning thoughtfully. That was the most overwhelming CA's meeting she had ever been to! There certainly was a LOT to think about. She was almost in awe at the prospect of so many major favors to be asked of such powerful and/or influential individuals. But, if Bt said to do something, it was generally advisable to comply!

A small smile played over her face as she contemplated her task of gathering help. Of course she had some "pull" with a few gods and getting personal attention was no problem, but asking carte blanche favors on a matter of such enormity was another matter entirely. Still, she realized, brightening further, this was the perfect opportunity to monopolize Iolaus by asking for his help. How could he resist when it was in such a worthy, unselfish cause? By the time her wandering steps found her at the vault, Nydiva was beaming at the thought!

Though the vault was nearly empty, its location was still a carefully-guarded secret. Or at least the ways of getting in were unknown to all but a very few of the Deb U population. Now, the vault had many levels and many rooms, a some of which Nydiva had begun to remodel (since Nanaea and the others had already cleaned them out of valuables). Nydiva had a strong "nesting" instinct and usually made improvements to any surroundings where she spent time on a regular basis. She found herself in her quiet vault kitchen, hands automatically mixing, kneading and baking as her thoughts roamed. Well, she grinned, why not put her natural proclivities to use? What better way to a man's (or god's) heart than through the stomach? However, a feast with Iolaus, Apollo and Morpheus all in attendance was bound to provoke more jealousy than cooperation. She decided this would have to be done individually. But time was of the essence.

The next day, Nydiva was not to be found. Though there was an unusual flurry of activity in several rooms of the vault, the rooms themselves were soundproof, so no one had an inkling of the goings on. Nydiva brushed a weary hand over her smudged cheek and sighed with satisfaction. That should do the trick. Three passageways now led off her kitchen and enticing aromas wafted from the many pots, pans and bowls heaped generously throughout the kitchen. All she needed was a quick cleanup and she would begin the seduction, er, solicitation, um securing of the needed favors from her trio of would-be helpers.

Apollo was in a good mood. He held a gold-bordered parchment between his fingers, sniffing it's lightly perfumed scent in appreciation. An invitation to a feast with Nydiva was not to be turned down. Elsewhere on Olympus, Morpheus thoughtfully rubbed a purple parchment over his cheek. The warmth activated a new release of the slightly musky scent that had a distinct overlay of raspberries. Now what was the little darling brewing, he thought grinning.

Iolaus dashed from tree to tree. Behind rock outcroppings. As much as he loved the ladies at Deb U, they were proving to be a little too dedicated in their pursuit of the Golden Hunter lately. The chase was on to such an extent, they were practically hunting in packs! The pressure was getting to him. He slipped into a deserted classroom (the last place a Deb would go) and pulled out a parchment. A smile lit his eyes; a quiet evening alone with Nydiva was just what he needed.

Nydiva stood at the entrance to the vault. She was clad in a simple white tunic with a turquoise and gold sash and matching gold sandals. Although it was nearing evening, a sudden warmth pervaded the air. Apollo had arrived. Flashing a nearly blinding smile, he scooped Nydiva up into his arms for a warm hug. "Squishy, squishy!", he crooned into her ear. He squeezed again for emphasis. Nydiva made a show of pulling a small key from a chain around her neck as she opened the door to the vault. Apollo followed quickly and firmly shut the door behind him. They threaded their way through the mazelike layout of the vault till Nydiva lead him to an elegantly furnished room. With little cost, but a lot of imagination, Nydiva transformed the formerly dingy room into a light dappled bower. Flower laden branches swayed gently in tall vases and the lamps above them threw dancing shadows and light onto the comfortable furnishings. The table was set and Apollo appreciatively sniffed the aromas that wafted from a passageway lead to the kitchen. Nydiva handed him a platter of canapés and excused herself to check on dinner, closing the door softly behind her.

Once out of Apollo's sight, Nydiva dashed into the kitchen. She untied the turquoise sash and shucked off the golden sandals. She grabbed a purple sash and silver ballet slippers from a nearby chair and threw them on as she hurried down another passageway. It was dusk. A soft night mist arose heralding the approach of Morpheus. Catching a deep breath, Nydiva went to greet her dreamy god of dreams. He took her hand and began to kiss his way upwards. Nydiva swayed slightly (from a touch of fatigue and the effect of Morpheus' skillful ministrations), then pulled herself together (almost!) and again coyly slipped the vault key from the chain on her neck. The chamber she led him to was dimly and romantically lit. Soft shadows and light played around the room and focused on a pillow bedecked chaise lounge and nearby small tables. Taking a tray of appetizers, Nydiva placed them before Morpheus and promised she would be right back after a quick stir in the kitchen.

Two down, one to go, Nydiva thought as her feet pattered down the corridor. She untied the purple sash and slipped off the slippers. A blue sash and matching thongs were next in her quick change. Panting slightly, Nydiva made it to the vault entrance just as Iolaus strolled up, whistling gaily. She greeted him with a demure kiss (practically too pooped to pucker properly). Iolaus was pleased; Nydiva was true to her word and simply wanted to have a nice, quiet dinner. What a refreshing change of pace! Nydiva quickly led Iolaus to a cozy room, complete with fireplace and pillows for lounging. Low tables were outlined in the fire's glow and Iolaus happily settled into the cushions and began munching on goodies enticingly arranged on a laden platter. "Back in a minute", Nydiva called, scurrying out the door.

To be continue...

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