The CAP - Unexpected Help by Antares

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The CAP - Unexpected Help
by Antares

A soft breeze wafted through the Belfry. Antares settled herself in the open window of her stone walled room. The heat down below was oppressive, but up in her aerie the soft breeze made the temperatures quite

The stray black tom cat that frequented the tower soon got tired of playing with the billowing curtains and jumped up in her lap. She absently scratched his ear as he butted his head up against her chest. Antares had taken to calling him Dis, she didn't think he really belonged to anyone, but he helped to keep Maurice and company out of her room. She was glad of his help, who knows what Maurice's boss would have them up to, if they could actually gain entrance to the bell tower. 

Antares leaned her head against the wall. She could hear the murmuring of voices. Few knew of the peculiar acoustic qualities of the tower. She could sometimes hear whispered conversations from far away when the wind was right. As far as Antares could tell hers was the only room where these remote conversations could be heard.

The silky furred Dis gave a few licks to his shoulder with his light pink tongue, and curled himself up in Antares' lap. The sound of BlueTopaz's voice caught her attention. Ceasing the random musings of her mind, Antares concentrated on the words. Bt's voice was soon joined by the concerned voices of Jackie, Keleos and Birdly. Other voices were there too. Was that Manto's she heard, or was it Ladybug's. Maybe it was both of them.

Their dire tones spurred Antares to action. She jumped up, dislodging the dozing cat and hurried down to the Underworld. They needed help, and she knew just how to secure the help of the ruler of the Underworld.
Hades was after all Astraea's uncle.

Posted on Aug 09 1999, 09:44 AM

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