The CAP: Getting of Ares - final

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The CAP: Getting of Ares - final
by Jackie

Jackie looked around Ares temple suspiciously. Everything looked in order, no sign of another deb. Ares was lounging lazily on his chair, looking splendid in his black leather.

‘Ah Jackie, I wondered when you would come and serve me again. It has been a long time since you last visited. You haven’t been serving in some other Gods temple…have you?’ Ares said making it clear with his tone that he did not find that acceptable.

‘Um…no, of course not great Ares! There is no other God for me.’ Jackie fawned wondering if Gods could read minds. Striding towards his chair, the CA noted how wonderfully snug his black leather pants were. All suspicious thoughts of other encroaching debs fled her mind replaced by other more interesting ones. ‘I have an important favor to ask Ares’, she said trying desperately to concentrate on her plan.

‘Well now, favors cost…how will you convince me to help you?’ Ares gave her a dark yet somehow seductive look, guaranteed to make her knees melt. It did, along with the rest of her.

‘I’m going to do something I’ve never done for you before…it’s called The Devious Dance of the Doyenne.’ Ares frowned, ‘It doesn’t sound very entertaining.’ Jackie dropped her cloak revealing the special outfit made just for the dance. ‘Well maybe’ gulped Ares, ‘it won’t be so bad.’

As Ares positioned himself more comfortably in his chair, Jackie began to take the special props out of her bag. Heidi, knowing when to leave, started towards the door. ‘Ruff!’, she said to Ginger telling her to follow. Of course Ginger didn’t.

The pup caught Jackie and Heidi’s attention by sniffing excitedly at a curtain hanging over a far wall. A curtain Jackie was sure had never been there before. Ginger heard a whispered ‘get out of here’ which of course made her peek under the curtain. Seeing and smelling one of the nicer debs on campus she leaped joyfully into the startled debs arms and began to give her slobbery kisses.

Calee stumbled out from the behind the curtain trying to hold on to the squirming puppy, yet avoid more of the slobber bath.

‘CALEE!!!’, fumed Jackie. ‘I knew it! I knew someone was here. How could you? All the CA’s knew I had dibs on him.’

‘You put dibs on him before the CA meeting. How fair is that! You *always* have dibs on Ares. Others like him too ya know,’ Calee shot back.

Noticing that tempers were flaring Ares intervened, ‘Ladies, ladies, while I’d love to have you fight over me, you would expend too much energy, energy better used on me. There is enough of me to go around. I am a God afterall.

‘Well maybe we could sh sh sha share.’ Calee finally got out with help of a ‘slight’ pat to the back from Jackie. ‘Hey!’ Calee glared at Jackie. ‘Sorry Cal, you appeared to be stuttering. I just wanted to help you get that work out,’ smirked Jackie.

‘It’s not fair Ares, Calee has already explained what we need. Now I don’t need to do my dance.’ Ares grinned at Calee, ‘While Calee did some mighty ‘convincing’, I still need more assurances that this plan of yours benefits ME.’

‘As you wish Ares, I’ll do my dance then explain the many possibilities in this plan for you.’ Jackie said as she pushed Calee towards the door. ‘You’ve done quite enough, I can take it from here Cal.’ Jackie let the dogs and a protesting Calee out the door and then locked it.

Turning to Ares, Jackie composed herself, then began the secret dance. Ares was spellbound. After a few short moves, movement outside the one window in the temple distracted Jackie. She noticed that the shutter was open a few inches. Was someone watching? Without pausing in the dance, she made her way to the window.

She whipped open the shutter and two debs crashed to the ground outside. Luckily the window wasn’t too high. Looking out Jackie saw Calee and Keleos picking themselves off the ground. ‘What are you guys doing here? Spying on me?!’

‘Well you wouldn’t show me the dance so I had to sneak a peek. You know how I am when I get curious about something. I am your Devious Chief Instigator afterall, I should know this dance!’ Kel excused. ‘By the way, nice outfit Jacks, I’ve never seen you wear something so…so…’

‘Yeah and no one else better hear about this either!’ Jackie threatened, ‘Trade secrets ya know. But I guess you’re right, I think you two are ready to learn the dance. Someday soon…but not now. I have to get back to Ares before we lose his cooperation.’

‘Now get! I’ll meet you guys later at the CA Rec Hall to discuss our next step.’ Jackie said slamming the shudder shut.

‘Now where was I?’ Jackie regained her composure and started the dance over for Ares. Hopefully it would be a long night…

Posted on Aug 11 1999, 10:08 AM

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