The CAP (Something Cooking-Finale) by Nydiva

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The CAP (Something Cooking-Finale)
by Nydiva

Summary: Nydiva, having invited three heroes/hunks to elaborate, simultaneous feasts, finds she has bit off more than she can chew!

Redfaced, sashless and barefoot, Nydiva found herself back in the kitchen. She almost had no memory of how she got there. Eyeing the pots in confusion, Nydiva grabbed the contents of the nearest one, flung on the turquoise sash (the heck with footwear!) and trudged back to room number 1. Apollo jumped to his feet and took the pot from her shaking hands. He lifted the lid and beamed. Duck de l'orange - his favorite. Nydiva sighed in relief. "I could reheat your soup for you," he offered gently. Nydiva plopped into the chair with a weak smile. "No thanks. Why don't we just start on the main course?" Apollo was beginning to become concerned. Cooking came to Nydiva as easily as breathing; why on earth was she so tired? Nydiva barely took two bites of the savory dish before she was off and running again, not even bothering to fully close the door behind her.

She slammed the kitchen door open, nearly scalded herself draining a large pot of a new Roman dish called linguini, and poured on the creamy white clam sauce so quickly that some splashed over her toes. She grabbed the nearest cloth to wipe up - and only belatedly realized it was the blue sash she wore for door number 3. Just in time she remembered to tie on the purple sash. Hefting the two steaming platters, she skidded her way to door number 2. Morpheus reclined invitingly on the soft chaise lounge. For once in her life, Nydiva felt more longing for the lounge than its occupant!! She flung herself with a plumpf beside him, barely managing to keep the contents from spilling off the plate. Morpheus looked puzzled and pulled Nydiva into his arms again. As soon as her head hit his firm but comfortable chest, Nydiva nodded right off (passed out is more like it). This was far from her typical behavior!, Morpheus thought worriedly. He decided she must really need the sleep and gingerly cradled her with one arm while the other reached towards his plate. He wasn't about to miss out on her cooking. The movement, slight as it was, brought Nydiva back to consciousness. With a barely surpressed moan, Nydiva pulled herself out of Morpheus' arms. "I have to check on something in the oven," she said almost weeping with exhaustion and frustration. She nearly fell through the door as she hurried back to the kitchen.

"Thank the gods", she muttered darkly, "only one main course to go". She lifted a succulent goose revolving lazily over a small open fire. Exhausted, she struggled to remove the bird from the spit. Suddenly the goose came loose, and the edge of the spit conked Nydiva sharply under the chin. "Thanks, I needed that," she groaned. At least the goose had landed on the platter placed beneath it. She sauced and garnished the mouthwatering bird and summoned up a barely existent reserve of strength to plod down the hallway to door number 3.

Iolaus looked up sheepishly from two completely clean bowls of mushroom soup. Nydiva forestalled any comment with "I'm glad you're ready for the next course." With a small flourish, she lifted the lid off the platter and a succulent aroma wafted through the room. Iolaus smiled and said, "Now this is one course you're staying with me for!" Nydiva handed down the platter and Iolaus eagerly began to carve. He looked up for a moment puzzled. "Purple sash?, he asked. "Why did you change?" Nydiva stood with her mouth gaping for a moment. "I, um, er. Oh - it isn't really purple, I just spilled some of the sauce on the sash", she muttered, thanking her lucky stars that the sauce (as evidenced by the garnish) had grapes in it. "You've been working too hard. Come sit beside me right now!" Iolaus ordered gently. Nydiva made a not very graceful landing, narrowly missing the platter. Iolaus gave her a worried look and handed her a plate of steaming meat. Nydiva practically attacked it. But as soon as she got her mouth full, she mumbled something like "kpftchen" and staggered to her feet. She barely had the strength to open door number 3.

Nydiva made the last few yards to the kitchen practically clinging to the walls. She could barely remember why she was doing all this! Gritting her teeth, Nydiva set up the dessert course. Aside from a huge just-in-case trifle, which could be dished out in individual portions, Nydiva had major plans for a grand finale to her dinner. She shook her spinning head and carefully poured crepe batter into one large frying pan. Raspberry crepes with chocolate sauce - this would surely clinch what's-his-name ,(omigosh!) Morpheus, into doing Nydiva's bidding. She placed another pan on the fire, stirring carefully. Just a few minutes more the she would add the liqueur to her flaming cherries jubilee - and wouldn't Iolaus, no, the other blond, Apollo, be impressed. The final desert was just about ready to take from the oven - Baked Golden Apple Alaska. Funny name, she mused, but Iolaus was bound to love them apples!

As she lifted the Alaska from the oven, her head caught the handle of the frying pan in which the now flaming Jubilees bubbled ferociously. It splashed some of the contents into the crepe pan setting that aflame as well. Horrified, Nydiva dropped the Baked Apple Alaska and grabbed desperately for a nearby water bucket. She hurled the water over the stove and fell sideways, slipping on the dropped apple mess. Her body hit the wall with a solid thud, causing a huge copper kettle suspended above to land directly over her head. She went down with a huge, reverberating CLANG!

Apollo looked up abruptly. What was going on? That did it. He decided to invade the sacrosanct territory of Nydiva's kitchen. In a nearby room, Morpheus had reached the same conclusion. In the meantime, Iolaus went pelting down the corridor from the third room. A woeful sight met their eyes. Nydiva lay half sitting in a corner, her head covered with a large kettle. Several deserts dripped soggily on the stove and floor. Their eyes met with a dawning sense of understanding - no wonder she was so tired and didn't sit still for more than a moment. The three knelt down and removed the pot from Nydiva's head.

Nydiva began to stir. She looked up groggily to meet three pairs of blue eyes. "I must be seeing double, no triple!", she murmured. Then she sat up with a start! "I, um, I, um, oooooooooo," she wailed piteously! Morpheus helped her to her feet while Iolaus patted her arm sympathetically. Apollo was gallantly trying to hold back his laughter.

"Now what, pray tell is this all about", Morpheus asked sternly. Nydiva took a long step backwards and found Apollo was blocking any hope of retreat. Iolaus stood nearby ensuring there would be no escape. "Well, if life hands you lemons, there's always lemon cookies," Nydiva thought, trying to bolster her courage. She gave each in turn an entreating look and carefully explained the situation.

"Well why didn't you just ask in the first place?!" Morpheus said, starting to laugh. That was music to her ears - how Nydiva loved his wickedly sexy laugh. Apollo and Iolaus were also pretty much gone by then, actually holding on to each other to keep upright. They quickly realized their position and separated with amusing swiftness.

"It's a momentous undertaking, but a deserving one. Of course I'll help", Apollo added. Iolaus, not to be outdone, gazed into Nydiva eyes and said, "You know you can count on me to be right by your side."

Apollo drew a gold coin from his tunic. "You'll be able to summon me instantly by just flipping this into the air. I'm at your service." Morpheus pressed a small crystal into Nydiva's palm. "No matter where I am, I can be at your side in a moment. Just hold this to the light." Iolaus frowned thoughtfully. Those gods were such show-offs! Then a sly smile lit his handsome face, "Here," he said, flourishing a small object, "if you want me, just whistle. You know how to whistle. Just pucker up and blow." Nydiva managed to keep from jumping up and down for joy - especially since Apollo and Morpheus began to glare.

There was a short moment's pause while Nydiva beamed happily on her three helpers. Then Iolaus sheepishly said, "So what's for dessert?!" Thanking her lucky stars that she always had contingency plans, Nydiva dished out the luscious trifle and they all gathered happily to devour the creamy sweet. All expect Nydiva, who fell asleep with her face in the trifle!!!

So - a triple helping of help is on the way. And for what? Now that's another story!


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