The CAP: The Chancellors' Lost Wages Antics

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The CAP: The Chancellors' Lost Wages Antics
by Bird written by Ladybug

Nan munched another cookie. Good thing she had an extra supply. She seemed to have better luck when she ate them. But for the moment she was alone, which was something she didn't care for. The cute Elvus impersonator she'd hooked up with was off marrying people all afternoon, and so what was she to do?

O.M.A.R. wandered around the casinos. He was watching the chancellors, sure, but it got boring. And Ladybug was gone all day to those sessions. When she got back, she feverishly wrote grant application after grant application before falling exhausted into bed. Although wooing her wasn't part of his assignment, he felt it was necessary. To ensure authenticity, of course. Naturally that's all it was.

Nanaea saw him go by, and darned if he didn't look pretty good. In fact, everything was looking better to her these days. She grabbed her bag of cookies and ran off after him, striking up a conversation and leading him to
the bar. O.M.A.R. complied, not wanting to appear anti-social and thus drum up suspicion of any kind.

What he didn't know was that Rose was smarter than the average alternate-universe-CA-smuggled-in-to-help-propagate-a-coup. She'd bribed another convention-goer to copy the notes for her so she could keep tabs on Omar and the other chancellors. The grants were now being awarded, and she knew she'd clinched a great deal of money for the university; her grant-writing skills in the other universe were unparallelled. This convention was for amateurs. The crucial time element was nigh.

She was surprised to feel a pang of jealousy upon seeing Nan and Omar in the bar chatting together. He was supposed to be her man! Well, not HER man, but this universe's Ladybug's man, and here he was flirting! She made a joke and he smiled. That was definitely flirting. She was angry. She'd show him! The wheels turned in Rose's head. Jealousy and revenge are interuniversal among women, especially Debs. And so, her innocent little eyes narrowed as she plotted to get even with Omar while carrying out her mission at the same time.

Meanwhile, in the bar, Nanaea got drunker (amplified by her special cookies) and started showing more leg from the slit in her toga. O.M.A.R. was trying desperately to think of a way to get out of there. The leg was nice to look at, but his thoughts were elsewhere. Ladybug would be done with her sessions before long. He was determined to show her he was fully functional.

To be continued...


Posted on Sep 01 1999, 01:54 PM

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