The CAP: The Getting of Ares, pt. 1 by Jackie

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The CAP: The Getting of Ares, pt. 1
by Jackie

Jackie and her dog companions, Heidi and Gingersnap, used the secret exit from Jackie’s Chancellor Assistant suite to escape detection as they left the CA Wing. Deceit was a necessity this early in the plan. If caught, Jackie would probably be locked up in Sal’s Detox again. The memories of her last stay in the ‘Old CA’ wing of that place made her cringe. But no…they wouldn’t be caught, they were too devious.

Outside the building all was quiet, well as quiet as it gets at DebU. Several dark figures were seen scurrying from place to place. Jackie grinned as she recognized several as her co-plotters, she knew what they were up to. Waving to Cass, Jackie wondered what strategy the other CA was going to use on her chosen mark.

The threesome managed to reach the relative safety of the forest without running into anyone else. Jackie, Heidi and Ginger began to follow a tiny, almost hidden path through the trees. No light was needed as they had followed this path many times.

A veteran of these midnight secret trips, Heidi was as silent as her human. Ginger however, had much to learn in the ways of stealth. The young puppy had not been at DebU for long. So far, Ginger thought, she liked her new home. The humans were somewhat strange, as were their animals. Heidi was helping her make friends though, and all the humans were very nice. Even that strange Wb, who didn’t ‘smell’ like a human, but more like a pig. ? All in all, DebU wasn’t so bad.

Lost in puppy thoughts, Ginger failed to see the branch until she tripped over it. CRASH! Jackie sighed and kept going. Heidi looked back briefly and gave her young friend a warning look. It didn’t last very long though, Ginger had learned that ‘I’m so sorry, broken hearted puppy’ look well. Even Heidi wasn’t immune to it. ‘Geesh’, thought Heidi as they continued walking, ‘was I ever that clumsy’?

Heidi made a mental note to enroll Ginger in the class ‘Using stealth when sneaking around with your human.’ The humans hadn’t yet realized that while they were busy with their ‘university’ activities, their pets held classes of their own. Some of the most popular were, ‘How to charm your humans romantic interest’ and the aforementioned Stealth class. Heidi was proud to teach the Stealth class since Lucky had moved on to teach ‘Analyzing your Human.’

The three friends finally approached the temple of Ares. Heidi knew this place well, her human spent many many nighttime (and daytime) hours ‘serving’ in Ares temple. Boy her human was one devoted follower. Heidi was usually left outside during these excursions, but she didn’t mind. There were so many interesting smells to keep her occupied in the surrounding forest. Sniffing, she was glad to find that Ares dog Greygus wasn’t with his master tonight. Like her human, Heidi liked the ‘bad’ dogs, but Greygus was a bit more bad than she liked, plus he had disgusting eating habits. Heidi almost gagged when she remembered his last romantic offering...a gift from the closest battlefield…YUCK!

With anticipation of the coming encounter Jackie reached to pull open the heavy temple door. Unable to open it she discovered the door was locked. Locked? It was never locked to her! Knocking loudly, she shouted for Ares. Jackie fumed as she wondered if he was ‘entertaining’ some other deb. If some other CA had…but no…they wouldn’t…she had dibs…

With a click the heavy black door swung open allowing Jackie, Heidi and Ginger entrance...

To be continued...

Posted on Aug 10 1999, 10:48 AM

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