The CAP: Something's Cooking (part 2) by Nydiva

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The CAP: Something's Cooking (part 2)
by Nydiva

A quick summary: three hunks, three rooms and the crazed cook Nydiva trying to serve and seduce simultaneously.

A swift glance at pots simmering, a fast stir, and Nydiva threw off the blue sash and thongs (which Iolaus so admired) and re-donned the turquoise sash and golden sandals favored by Apollo. Carefully but quickly, Nydiva ladled her famous butternut squash soup into two gold rimmed bowls and set off down the corridor to door number 1. Apollo looked up with a smile as Nydiva entered bearing the steaming soup. She set them down on the table and they began to eat. Nydiva reached for her spoon. "Oops. I'm so sorry. I'm short one spoon; please go ahead." Before Apollo could protest, she dashed from the room.

A lightning change into purple sash and silver slippers was followed by Nydiva dipping into another pot full of chicken consommé. Trying not spill as she hurried along, Nydiva burst open door number 2 (which, thank heavens, Morpheus took for eagerness) and carefully nestled the soup on the tables. Just as she was about to sit, Nydiva sprang back up. "You start without me. I forgot the croutons." She backed out of the room, shutting the door, before Morpheus could utter a word.

A little short of breath, Nydiva flung herself into the kitchen and grabbed two more bowls and plunged them into a kettle of creamy mushroom soup. Nydiva shrugged out of her slippers and loosely draped the blue sash around her waist, as she wiped the rim of the bowls. Another mad dash down the corridor to room number 3.

Iolaus had just about polished off the appetizers but was already ready for more. His eyes twinkled merrily and his hair shone in the firelight. Nydiva's breath became even shorter. She sank onto the pillows beside him and handed him the steaming bowl. Even before he could take a sip, Nydiva (sighing inwardly) said in a chiding voice, "How careless of me, I left the bread and butter in the kitchen." Iolaus was about to tell her to forget it, but paused, "fresh Challah?" he inquired hopefully. Nydiva nodded and sped out.

Grabbing a spoon and ripping off the blue sash, she re-tied the turquoise one. A stunned glance showed her she still had on the silver slippers, which she promptly kicked off and exchanged for the golden sandals. She fled back towards door number 1. Practically grabbing the soup plate out of Apollo's hands, she called over her shoulder, "Back with the next course soon," She sighed and threw an entreating glance at Apollo. The door banged shut behind her.

Muttering that she should have thought of roller sandals, Nydiva grabbed for the purple sash and silver slippers. She winced as she grabbed a loaf of hot bread straight from the oven and soothed the burn by holding the cool butter tub. Her head began to swim as she shot towards door number 2. "Here's the bread," she sang. Morpheus looked up puzzled, "Ah, that will be nice as well". He took the loaf and butter from a somewhat dazed looking Nydiva and pulled her down onto the lounge. She rested her head wearily on Morpheus' wide shoulders for a lovely moment, and started to snuggle - her eyes took on a distant, dreamy look!! But she snapped back to alertness and giving him a lingering kiss, asked him to hold that thought while she saw to a few last minute preparations.

Back in the kitchen (and getting hotter by the second), she ripped off the purple sash and slippers, grabbed a bowlful of croutons and threw open door number 1 Her eyes widened in shock, but she quickly recovered. "Just a few minutes more - I promise it'll be worth waiting for." Thank goodness for Apollo's easy going nature. He smiled warmed at the flustered Amazon as he idly plucked at a lyre. Nydiva's resolve nearly failed her. The prospect of a duet with the god of Music was hard to resist. Still clutching the bowl of croutons, Nydiva flung open door number 3 and threw the bowl on the floor. Iolaus jumped a bit, but then laughed at the embarrassed look on Nydiva's face. "Look, I know I wanted a quiet evening; but I really don't mind a little company too", he said, patting the cushions invitingly. Nydiva was about ready to cry. She gave him a wavery smile and said she still had a few more turns of the spit before the next course would be done.

To be continued...

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