The CAP: Stiring the Plot by Bt

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The CAP: Stiring the Plot
by Bt

Living a great part of one’s life as a warrior has it’s advantages. Bluetopaz, once having made a decision, quickly began to make lists in her head of what needed to be done, how to get it done quickly and efficiently and the best order for doing those things which needed to be done.

Walking swiftly from the back of the house to the front, she ripped dust covers off furniture as she went, wadded them up and tossed them into convenient storage closets under the stair way.  “Let’s see Lucky, we’ll need food. Something elegant but simple. I’ll set the table in the parlor rather than the big one in the dinning room. Flowers, of course, the good dishes, the ones from Chin. I’d better “draft” a couple of the girls to watch the food in the kitchen while I’m entertaining my guest. You’ll stand guard and be sure no one interrupts anything while we’re negotiating.....Yes, I like that word!”

When Bt paused in her long monologue to take a breath she realized they were half way down the dirt track headed back for the school. “First things first!” She said, “We’d better arrange for the guest of honor!”

The campus shrine dedicated to Zeus was tucked away in a quiet seldom visited garden. At first glance it appeared to be nothing more than a pavilion designed as a focal point for the garden. There were two circles of graceful marble columns one inside the other, which supported a portico roof between them, leaving the center of the shrine open to the sky. This was an unusual design but altogether fitting to honor the god who was deemed ruler of that realm. At the center of the circle, serving as an altar, was a huge blackened “sky stone”, one of those rare stars, so people said, which had fallen flaming to earth, ages and ages ago.

Truthfully, although everyone acknowledged Zeus to be the king and father of the gods, no one  at Deb U was really dedicated to his service. Bluetopaz came closest to that avocation, although her life long service to Moira precluded her having any formal service connection to Zeus. Bt walked without hesitation to the central altar, place an ornate scroll there and then, looking skyward proclaimed, “Zeus, Lord of the Heavens, King and Father of The Gods, I, Bluetopaz, Moira’s Mouth, greet you and bring this message.” Backing away from the altar she quickly scooped up Lucky, who had decided the shady portico was as good a place as any for a nap, and headed back down the path to the kitchen area. “Pretty impressive, don’t you think, Lucky? I can throw titles around with the best of ‘em if necessary. Muahahaha! Now we’d better see what we can “liberate” from the chancellor’s kitchen for supper.”

Later that evening~~~~

The enticing aromas of roast lamb, fresh baked bread, and apple pie escaped from the kitchen area and pleasantly scented the whole house. Baucis and Orlena had been persuaded to act as kitchen helpers with strict orders to watch everything while Bt showered and changed. Lucky, under equally strict orders, watched the girls to be sure they kept the food from getting over done, added no seasonings on their own and served the dishes in the correct order.

The parlor floors and furniture were polished to a high sheen that glowed in the soft candlelight. A small table in the center of the room draped in a starched white damask cloth was set for two with delicate porcelain dishes, heavy silver cutlery and sparkling crystal glassware. Everything was ready as Bt, dressed in a long flowing blue gown, made a last minute inspection.

A knock at the door announced the arrival of the guest of honor and Bt walked slowly to the door to let him in. “Mom? What’s the occasion? Never mind, I need your help. I can’t get the Battlefield’s book to balance. Wow, what smells so good? Am I in time for supper.” Warrior-bard said, almost with out pausing for breath.

“I’ll look at the books tomorrow! No you’re not invited for supper, but you can go back in the kitchen and say Hi to your sister, Baucis and to Orlena, I’m sure she’ll be glad to see you.”

“Ahhh, never mind, Mom. I’ll just be running along. It looks like you’re expecting some special company. And if Baucis and Orlena are helping you I don’t want to disturb their work. See ‘ya later.” The last remark was delivered over his shoulder as he turned onto the track leading back to the road and almost ran over an old man making his way towards the house.

“Was that a thief running away?” the old man exclaimed as he pushed back the hood on his long cloak and revealed the smiling face of the king of the gods.

“No, it was just my son warrior-bard, reacting in his usual manner, when I told him a certain young lady he’s been interested in was in the house.” Bt laughed as she took Zeus’ arm and ushered him into her home.

“A very unusual way for him to behave, I’d say.” Zeus replied.

“Warrior-bard is a very unusual person, so it not all that surprising.”

“You have a lovely home, Bluetopaz. These are for you,” Zeus said as he handed Bt a bouquet of  flowers.

“Thank you, they are beautiful. I have a vase that they will look stunning in, ” Bt replied, thinking how fortunate it was that she’d not already put flowers on the table.

“Something smells quite delicious.”

“It’s only plain country cooking but you may find it amusing. ”

“I’m sure I shall.”

The dinner went off without a hitch as the “girls” served course after course in the correct order. Since Bt had never learned to cook for just one or two people, Baucis, Orlena and Lucky enjoyed the feast right along with the honored guest. They just had theirs in the kitchen. *g* Feeling very charitable after the fine meal, they even did some quiet cleaning up as the two old friends continued their dinner conversation over a glass of vintage wine next to the fireplace.

Finally the “kitchen crew” heard the front door open and then close. Quietly they peaked around the kitchen door to see if it was safe for them to venture out into the rest of the house. Bt met them at the door and gave them both a big hug. “Thank you both, so much!” Bt exclaimed. “I could never have done this without your help!”

“I guess it must have gone okay,” Orlena ventured, as she took in the smiling face and almost triumphant attitude of the older woman.

“The evening was perfect!” Bt replied. “I got just what I wanted from him. Nothing can stop us now.”

“But, you’re not gonna tell us what this was all about, are you?” Baucis said, knowing all too well how closed mouth her mom could be with a secret.

“Nope.” was the only reply the two curious girls would get. At least for now....



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